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We're the leaders of the first Halal Certified CBD brand in the US, introducing Halal CBD oil with the highest quality hemp and transparency. Buy certified halal CBD oil and CBD products online – suitable for Muslims and anyone who follows the Islamic faith. Can CBD oil be Halal certified? Please contact ISA to know more: [email protected]

Halal Certified CBD Oil

If you’re like most people you’ve probably wondered, “How does CBD oil make you feel?”. Did you know that cannabidiol (CBD) is the dominant compound in the hemp plant? CBD.

How Does CBD Oil Make You Feel?

If you’re like most people you’ve probably wondered, “How does CBD oil make you feel?”. Did you know that cannabidiol (CBD) is the dominant compound in the hemp plant? CBD.

5 Reasons: How CBD Might Help Your Morning Routine

People are surprised when they learn that CBD might help with your morning routine. As it turns out, a lot of people swear by a serving of hemp first thing.

5 Reasons: How CBD Might Help Your Morning Routine

People are surprised when they learn that CBD might help with your morning routine. As it turns out, a lot of people swear by a serving of hemp first thing.

Does CBD make you sleeepy?

At HalalCBD, one of the most common questions that we get asked is “does CBD make you sleepy?”. Of course, for some customers, that’s actually the desired effect. For others.

Does CBD make you sleeepy?

At HalalCBD, one of the most common questions that we get asked is “does CBD make you sleepy?”. Of course, for some customers, that’s actually the desired effect. For others.

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Halal CBD

Is CBD halal or haram? Browse our halal collection perfect for those looking to incorporate halal CBD products into their healthy lifestyle. Read on to find out what makes this collection halal or browse other popular categories CBD Oil| Edibles | CBD Skincare.

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CBD For All! Is Your CBD Product Halal?


Halal is an Arabic word for ‘permissible’ or ‘lawful’ and is mainly used to describe food preparation in line with Islamic dietary standards. While halal is primarily followed by Muslims, others may choose a halal way of life to consume clean and highly regulated products.

If you’re looking for a halal CBD product, we’ve done the hard work for you with our exclusive halal CBD collection. If you don’t follow the Islamic faith, this article can help you better understand what halal means and specifically what halal certification means in relation to CBD. This article has been written to provide an overview of halal and not as a religious authority.

What does “halal” mean?

The term halal translates to ‘lawful’ or ‘permitted’. According to Islamic dietary laws, certain foods are considered halal, while others are haram (forbidden). For Muslims who obey Islamic law, halal certification ensures that the food is not haram. Although halal guidelines are mainly discussed in regards to how livestock is raised, slaughtered, and prepared, halal can also include pharmaceuticals, personal care and even travel and recreation activities.

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Haram or forbidden products include pork and pork-based products, most carnivorous animals like birds of prey, all intoxicants like alcohol, plus any foods contaminated with any of the above products. In addition, food must be produced and stored according to Islamic law. Muslims eat to maintain a healthy and robust physique to contribute their knowledge and effort for the welfare of society. Many consider a halal diet and lifestyle to be a clean way of living.

Is CBD halal?

Although most people think of food and drink when they hear halal, it also extends to pharmaceuticals. Unlike most drugs and supplements, CBD is an all-natural ingredient, often derived from organically grown hemp and blended with few other ingredients like olive oil and natural flavours. That’s why CBD is often referred to as nature’s best-kept secret, praised by CBD users for its healing benefits for everything from anxiety to arthritis . So let’s take a look at what makes CBD halal or haram.

According to Islamic law, intoxicants of any kind are haram or forbidden. So, where does that leave CBD? Cannabis, from which CBD is derived, contains THC, the compound associated with the stoners’ high’. In the not so distant past, all cannabis products were illegal in most countries worldwide because of its intoxicating effects. However, all that changed when scientists isolated CBD and education around the beneficial health effects grew. Today, it’s possible to separate CBD from all other cannabis compounds, including THC. CBD alone does not possess any intoxicating effects, instead, it’s known for its balancing effect on the mind and body. What’s more, in the UK and most parts of the world, CBD must be extracted from low THC hemp, a non-intoxicating plant. That’s why THC is viewed as haram while CBD is halal.


Some CBD tinctures are made using solvents like alcohol. Generally speaking, foods contaminated with banned substances like alcohol are prohibited under Islamic law. A 2019 study found that one CBD product contained high enough alcohol to be classed as an alcoholic beverage despite not being listed in the ingredients. Being halal certified ensures that the product is not contaminated with alcohol. Being called a tincture suggests that the CBD oil was made using alcohol, so is best avoided if searching for a halal product.

Pork and pork derivatives

In addition to intoxicants like alcohol and THC, some products like gummies and capsules may contain haram ingredients like pork gelatin. To avoid this, it is best to select certified vegetarian products, of which there are many today due to the growing popularity of plant-based diets.

Vape liquids

Whether or not you can vape CBD will depend on how closely Islamic law is followed. If a CBD vape liquid is nicotine, alcohol, THC and gelatine free, it could be argued that vaping is not haram. However, if you practice the religion strictly, you may decide that vaping isn’t halal as it is strictly for pleasure and may disturb others. Generally, vaping is frowned upon by Muslims. However, there’s no clear answer to the question of whether e-liquids are halal; that’s down to the individual to decide.

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Final Thoughts

THC usage is a definite no-no for Muslims and those following a halal diet. However, the absence of this compound makes hemp extract a beneficial plant with many reported health benefits. With the absence of the intoxicating compound THC, CBD can be viewed in a similar light to other herbal supplements like echinacea or lavender. When produced without pork derivatives, THC and alcohol, CBD can be considered halal, and some companies are now adding a halal certification to their products. It is always best to check the lab report as well as the label to ensure the product you are using is THC free. Every product on our website comes with a lab report to verify the contents. As you can see, following the Islamic faith is no reason to miss out on the many excellent benefits of CBD, so what are you waiting for? Enjoy browsing our exclusion collection of halal products!

What is CBD?

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis plants. It has grown in popularity as a natural ingredient found in many wellness products today, from oils and tinctures to gummies and patches. It’s praised for its wide range of potential benefits and is used for conditions such as sleep, stress and chronic pain.

Is CBD legal?

In the UK and many parts of the world today, CBD is legal when extracted from low THC hemp. THC is still a heavily regulated compound and cannot exceed 1mg in any CBD product. Marijuana or high THC cannabis remains illegal in the UK. While THC is widely used for recreation, CBD won’t cause any intoxicating effects and is used instead as a wellness supplement.

What is halal?

Halal is used in the Islamic faith to distinguish between food, drink and lifestyle choices considered lawful or forbidden (haram). Halal extends to how food is prepared and stored, as well as to pharmaceutical and healthcare products. The most well known halal practices are around the slaughter and preparation of meat and the prohibition of pork and intoxicating substances like alcohol.

Is CBD halal?

Because CBD is non-intoxicating, it can be considered halal. However, CBD products should not contain alcohol, THC or pork derivatives to be halal. Vaping is also frowned upon by many, even if it doesn’t contain nicotine. Always check the lab reports for THC and the ingredients list to ensure the product is vegetarian if you abide by a halal diet. Some brands today are also certifying their product as halal.

Is ‘weed’ halal?

The jury is still out on whether weed is halal or haram. While the Quran does not directly forbid cannabis, THC is an intoxicating substance that can cloud your judgement and adversely affect health. Others argue that since cannabis comes from the earth and is non-toxic, it is allowed in some cases. Not everyone uses cannabis as a recreational drug, in some countries and states it’s legal medicinally. We’d say it’s down to how and why you’re using cannabis and your own personal judgement.

Does CBD have any side effects?

There are no known serious side effects of taking CBD; however, minor side effects can occur when CBD is taken in abnormally high quantities. These include change of appetite, headaches, nausea and drowsiness. CBD is considered a well-tolerated compound with a good safety profile (according to the World Health Organisation). It can be the other ingredients included that may cause side effects, so always check the label. CBD is also known to interact with certain supplements and medications, so always check with your doctor if you’re unsure.

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ISA Halal Certifies Extract Labs CBD Oils and Other Hemp Plant Extracts

ISA Halal Certifies Extract Labs CBD Oils and Other Hemp Plant Extracts

Extract Labs is a Boulder, Colorado company dedicated to designing quality, full-spectrum cannabis-derived products. It was launched in 2016 by Craig Henderson, an engineer who had designed extraction equipment and found that there was a need for quality hemp processors.

Henderson, a veteran, had tried CBD tinctures as a solution to anxiety induced by the Iraq war. He wanted to make CBD and other extracts from the hemp plant available to all veterans and all people who suffer from physical or mental pain. “While everyone can benefit from the preventative and medicinal aspects of hemp and cannabis products, our nation’s veterans can utilize these plants to mentally and physically heal.”

ISA has certified the ingredients and processes of many Extract Labs products. “Extract Labs has a unique process of efficiently extracting the beneficial elements of the hemp plant. They reduce or even eliminate the intoxicant, offering extracts that help and heal people”, said Tim Hyatt, VP of ISA.

Why Certify Halal?

Extract Labs Quality Manager, Nick Peters explained, “Our company is open to new markets. We felt that this was a grey area within the Islamic community. THC is not permitted and many people confuse CBD oil with the cannabinoid THC. We decided to certify and explain the process. If there are people who follow Islamic dietary rules and want to improve their lives with CBD and other products. We don’t want them to be deterred by thinking it’s not permissible.”

Why ISA?

“I did quite a bit of research on the best way to certify our products. I like the culture and history of ISA. ISA was super helpful and attentive. They replied quickly to all of my inquiries, gave us the information we needed. They were also super knowledgeable, punctual, always ready to answer questions. I also liked the ISA logo offerings”, explained Peters.

How is it Halal?

CBD comes from cannabis plants. Some people may not consider using CBD oil for pain or anxiety because they think that it contains mind-altering elements that are not permissible or Halal. This is not the case.

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is a cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. It is the substance that is considered an intoxicant and thus, not Halal. However, many beneficial CBD oils contain between zero to .3% THC. In other words, it is safe and Halal to consume CBD oils that have trace amounts of THC or none at all.

In 2018, the USA Farm Bill legalized CBD products for production and sale. In order for any CBD products to be sold legally, they cannot contain any more than .3% of THC.

The Medicinal Benefits

There are numerous medicinal benefits in legally grown industrial hemp. This is not “higher THC marijuana, this is a different species grown in a normal field and registered with the department of agriculture”, explained Peters. Industrial hemp contains less than .3% THC. He added, “This is a new industry and there are over 18 minor cannabinoids with differing effects available for consumption. For example, consumers report varying effects from Cannabinoids like CBN’s to reduce insomnia, CBG for daily relief, CBD for anxiety, stress and nervousness, and CBC as substitutes for pain medication.”