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Buy CBD Products Online from a lab-tested Source, made with Premium Grade Quality. Buy CBD Oil for sale easily by browsing our store. We strive to streamline the CBD experience by providing the simplest line of CBD products. Dr. Hemp Me is one of the top CBD companies in Ireland. The company makes a variety of high-end CBD products and other niche cannabinoid extracts. Reviews At Dr. Hemp Me, we understand that researching cannabidiol (CBD) brands is essential, especially for first-time customers. Is there a difference between cannabis oil, hemp oil, and CBD

Dr Hemp’s All-Natural And Slow-Burning CBD Pre-Rolls

Only Dr. Hemp’s distinctive and one-of-a-kind Banana Cream flavored CBD/CBG pre-rolls can offer that fresh banana flavor without the weird artificial aftertaste that plagues so many banana flavored products.


Dr. Hemp’s Berry Terps allow you to truly savor your pre-rolled CBD/CBG smoking experience with the familiar taste of sweet-tart berries.


Dr. Hemp’s Magic Mint flavored CBD/CBG pre-rolls offer a refreshing, smooth taste that pairs perfectly with whatever herb you’re smoking.


Dr. Hemp’s bold and tart Pine Drip flavor packs a juicy pineapple punch with every puff.


Enjoy the taste of summer with clean and delicious Watermelon Wave CBD pre-rolls with CBG.


Dr. Hemp’s 1.2g pre-roll is infused with natural plant extract. Our 100% USA-grown hemp flower allows for a rich experience from a natural source.


Let’s start with the more well-known chemical compound from cannabis and hemp, CBD (cannabidiol). CBD products benefit users in a variety of ways. Many studies have tested the effectiveness of cannabidiol in treating insomnia, pain management, and inflammation. CBG is another cannabinoid that’s becoming popular because of its potential benefits too. Benefits for CBG are similar to CBD. Combined, they offer the ultimate legal hemp-derived CBD pre-rolls with the best effects. Dr. Hemp’s pre-rolls have less than 0.3% THC, which allows it to be accessible in many states across the USA.

Enjoy the tastiest hemp rolls on the market with releasable terpenes at the filter tip. Also, experience a more enjoyable smoking experience with the all-natural corn husk filter tip. Together, the filter and flavor provide delicious and smooth smoke. A study shows taking CBD together with CBG can support each effect and balancing them, which is known as the entourage effect.

Dr. Hemp’s pre-rolls come in different flavors such as Watermelon, Blueberry, Diablo, and Orange Creamsicle to name a few. These hemp pre-rolls will provide a flavorful experience that is rich and refreshing.

Dr. Hemp’s CO2 extraction process ensures a pure product by removing unwanted pollutants without compromising the integrity of the plant’s natural compounds. The CO2 extraction process has been dubbed the most chemical-free extraction method. Compared to the butane-based extraction method, which some consider dangerous, the CO2 extraction process maintains the natural components without the risks associated with chemical-based processes. CO2 extraction results in clean hemp pre-rolls for sale without any impurities.

Dr. Hemp is committed to providing quality CBD pre-rolls with CBG for every person’s needs. Only industrial, organic hemp farms are chosen to provide the highest quality hemp pre-rolls. This ensures no herbicides, chemical additives, solvents, or other fertilizers in the products.

Not only are the products subject to rigorous standards to ensure a natural process, but Dr. Hemp also does its due diligence with third-party lab testing. The results of these tests are readily available on our website to ensure peace of mind. Each product is made to abide by the company’s mission of providing high quality at an affordable price. This allows for customers who need relief to be able to receive it.

Dr. Hemp is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a wide range of hemp pre-rolls to deliver effective relief at an affordable price.

Dr. Hemp Me Review

Dr. Hemp Me is an Irish-based CBD company. If you’re living in Ireland, this is definitely a company you’ll want to check out.

What we love about this brand is its focus on using full-spectrum products rather than CBD isolates.

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From a manufacturer’s perspective, full-spectrum comes with all kinds of headaches in order to remain compliant, but the final product is always going to be superior to a CBD isolate oil.

Anybody in Europe has access to this brand. Dr. Hemp Me products are well-constructed, affordable, and competitively priced. Check out their lineup of CBG products if you want to try something a little different.

Mission/Charity 5/5

The CBD market in Ireland is unregulated, which invariably allows many unscrupulous companies to take advantage and cheat unsuspecting customers.

As one of the leading CBD oil suppliers in Ireland and other regions of Europe, Dr. Hemp Me’s mission is to provide certified products that offer profound value to customers.

Hemp Source 5/5

Dr. Hemp Me sources hemp from outdoor farms in Ireland. As a company with a holistic approach to formulation, they only use organic hemp that’s also approved by the HPRA.

Product Range 5/5

Dr. Hemp Me has a decent range of products, including edibles, topicals, and full-spectrum oils. All their products are made using extracts derived from the whole plant.

These products contain trace amounts of THC — they’re well within the legal limit (<0.2%).

Innovation 5/5

Dr. Hemp Me employs SCFE or supercritical CO2 extraction to isolate the cannabinoids from the plant. This method not only ensures that the final product retains the goodness of the terpenes and cannabinoids, but you also get to experience the entourage effect.

Safety 4/5

Dr. Hemp Me products come with a seal of approval from the Cannabis Trade Association from Ireland.

They’re one of the very few companies that have managed to achieve this feat. You can find all test results in the quality control section on their site online. Ekotechlab — a third-party laboratory — conducts all the tests.

Customer Service 5/5

The customer service team is pretty solid, with people dedicated to answering all questions. We have no complaints in this department. You can call or mail them during business hours and expect a reply within just a few hours.

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Dr. Hemp Me Review: Best CBD Brand In Ireland?

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About the Company: Dr. Hemp Me

Dr. Hemp Me is a top brand manufacturing CBD oil in Ireland. It’s one of the very few companies with safety verification certificates in Europe.

The founder of Dr. Hemp Me, Brian Cusack, is a cannabis enthusiast that believes in alternative medicine. With a license from the HPRA, Mr. Cusack explains how to cultivate hemp legally and get licenses in one of his many blogs posted on the site.

Undoubtedly, Dr. Hemp Me is one of the best companies producing inexpensive superior-quality full-spectrum CBD oil in Ireland.

Products offered by Dr. Hemp Me

Dr. Hemp Me Full Spectrum CBD Oil

€0.06 – €0.07

Dr. Hemp Me Broad Spectrum Zero THC CBD Oil

€0.06 – €0.07

Dr. Hemp Me CBG Oil

€0.05 – €0.06

Dr. Hemp Me CBD Gummies


Dr. Hemp Me CBD Paste


Dr. Hemp Me Muscle & Joint Cream


Dr. Hemp Me CBD Capsules


Dr. Hemp Me OG Kush CBD Vape Oil


Dr. Hemp Me CBD Oil for Dogs & Cats


Dr. Hemp Me Pet Chews


1. CBD Oils & Tinctures

CBD oils are the quintessential CBD product — just about every CBD brand has at least one if not five or six.

CBD oils can be made with full-spectrum hemp extract, pure CBD isolate, or broad-spectrum oil that contains all the active cannabinoids in hemp except for THC.

Dr. Hemp Me manufactures only full-spectrum CBD oils — which are thought to be stronger and more versatile in their effects.

A) Dr. Hemp Me Full Spectrum CBD Oil
€59.95 – €159.95
Dr. Hemp Me
Dr. Hemp Me Full Spectrum CBD Oil 10 mL

5 / 5

Total CBD: 500 – 1000 – 2000 – 3000 mg
Potency: 50 – 100 – 200 – 300 mg/mL
Cost per mg CBD: €0.06 – €0.07
Extract type: Full-spectrum
THC Content: 0%

This full-spectrum CBD oil has four variants: CBD Oil 5% as a mild dose, 10% as a starter, 20% as the super dose, and 30% known as the super dose. As you can surmise, the percentage refers to the strength of the cannabinoids present in the mixture.

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While 5% CBD oil contains about 500 mg of CBD, the 30% CBD oil variant consists of at least 3000 mg CBD. Due to the high concentration of cannabinoids, the mixture can become thick at times (a sign of a pure hemp extract), so make sure you place it in a bowl of warm water for a minute to liquefy the oils.

With both MCT and hemp seed oils being used as carrier oils, Dr. Hemp Me’s CBD oils are perhaps the strongest you’d find in Ireland. Additionally, since these extracts are derived from the supercritical extraction technique, you can rest assured that they are pure and safe to consume.

All variants also contain a combination of other cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, CBC, CBDA, and CBGA. At 50 mg per mL extending up to a whopping 300 mg per mL potency — these are some of the strongest CBD oils we have seen thus far.

B) Dr. Hemp Me Broad Spectrum Zero THC CBD Oil
€29.95 – €99.95
Dr. Hemp Me
Dr. Hemp Me Broad Spectrum Zero THC CBD Oil 10 mL

5 / 5

Total CBD: 500 – 1000 – 2000 mg
Potency: 50 – 100 – 200 mg/mL
Cost per mg CBD: €0.06 – €0.07
Extract type: Broad-spectrum
THC Content: 0%

Although the full-spectrum oils contain very little THC, you may want a broad-spectrum product if you cannot tolerate THC at all. This broad-spectrum product contains zero THC, so you enjoy a combination of all cannabinoids except THC.

Like the full-spectrum oils, this product is available in 5%, 10%, and 20% variations. All oils come in bottles that block light, so the terpenes and cannabinoids last a long time.

C) Dr. Hemp Me CBG Oil
€24.95 – €54.95
Dr. Hemp Me
Dr. Hemp Me CBG Oil 10 mL

5 / 5

Total CBD: 500 – 1000 mg
Potency: 50 – 100 mg/mL
Cost per mg CBG: €0.05 – €0.06
Extract type: Full-spectrum
THC Content: 0%

Created by combining both CBG and CBD in a 1:1 proportion, Dr. Hemp Me’s CBG oil comes in two variations. Both the 5% and 10% combinations allow the user to ingest the oils through sublingual absorption, thanks to the dropper for both accuracy and ease of use.

2. CBD Edibles

CBD edibles are just that — edibles infused with CBD. While some companies combine isolates with edibles most of the time, Dr. Hemp Me uses full-spectrum hemp extracts. Edibles are slow to work, but the effects will last a long while compared to other forms of consumption.

A) Dr. Hemp Me CBD Gummies
Dr. Hemp Me
Dr. Hemp Me CBD Gummies 60 count

5 / 5

Total CBD: 900 mg
Potency: 15 mg/gummy
Cost per mg CBG: €0.06
Extract type: Full-spectrum
THC Content: 0%

Although most people love ingesting CBD oils, CBD gummies are perfect for those that love something sweet. Additionally, CBD gummies allow you to measure every dose accurately without having to rely on drops anymore. Made by infusing CBD and other cannabinoids with regular gummies, they’re available in several flavors.

Dr. Hemp Me’s CBD gummies come in four delicious flavors: pineapple, kiwi, strawberry, and cherry. Just pop them in your mouth and let the fruity flavors melt. The company has not only increased the CBD content compared to their previous version, but they have also reduced the price.

B) Dr. Hemp Me CBD Paste
€49.95 – €189.95
Dr. Hemp Me
Dr. Hemp Me CBD Paste 5 – 10 mL

5 / 5

Total CBD: 20% – 40% – 80%
Size: 5 ml – 10 ml
Cost per mg CBD : NA
Extract type: Full-spectrum
THC Content: 0%

CBD paste is a concentrated hemp extract containing a wide range of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes to enhance the entourage effect.

Dr. Hemp Me offers some potent products, but their CBD paste contains a lot more active CBD to help you manage problems.

It’s available in three potencies: 20%, 40%, and 80% concentration. CBD paste also makes it easier to measure the dosage accurately. Consume it through sublingual absorption by placing it under your tongue for 60-90 seconds and waiting until it dissolves completely.

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3. CBD Topicals

CBD topicals are used for two purposes. You can use them to help with acne, psoriasis, and other skincare — or apply them to painful joints and muscles.


At Dr. Hemp Me, we understand that researching cannabidiol (CBD) brands is essential, especially for first-time customers. Is there a difference between cannabis oil, hemp oil, and CBD oil? What dosage should you use? Are all CBD products the same?

The CBD industry is new and booming, creating a rise in deceptive mineral oils, or snake oil, on the market. So how can you determine if a CBD oil is high-quality and reliable or if it is just false advertising?

Reading customer reviews is one of the easiest ways to verify if a company is legitimate. Check lab reports and CBD product reviews before making an investment in your health and wellness. The most important thing you can do when making a purchase is to trust your supplier, especially when purchasing items online.

Importance of CBD Oil Reviews

Online ratings give consumers a voice and allow transparency and truth to shine. While a company can promote their own products, there will always be bias. Or worse, they could be selling CBD oil that is not effective.

The CBD market is currently completely unregulated. When you have a buzz of interest in CBD oil benefits but no regulations, it leaves the market wide open for scammers. Products can claim to contain high quantities of CBD but, in reality, are simple hemp seed oil with no actual CBD.

Avoid businesses that do not post reviews. There is no reason for this. Research shows that products with reviews are 270% more likely to be purchased than products without. Reviews serve to boost a company’s credibility. If a business is not offering an opportunity for a product review of their CBD oil, there may be hidden deceitfulness.

CBD consumers need to do research for themselves for as long as the CBD industry remains unregulated. The best way to do your research is to read customer reviews. Consumers write reviews to help each other.

People desire first-hand experiences that are unbiased when they are choosing a product. This allows consumers to read multiple product reviews until they find the right CBD oil suited to their personal needs.

What to Look for in CBD Oil Reviews

Consumer CBD oil reviews are full of information that you might not always find elsewhere, such as which product helps with which ailment down to the biggest fundamental question: Is it worth the investment?

Research the reviews to see if the CBD oil is worth the monetary investment. Happy and repeat customers are likely to review products with the enthusiasm that their money was well spent on a legitimate product. This will help you determine if the product is authentic.

Everyone will react in different ways to CBD oil, but if you can gather that a multitude of customers have the desired results they are looking for, you can rest assured that the product is effective. For example, if you are choosing to use CBD oil for a particular reason, you can read reviews from other users that are using it for the same reason.

CBD oil will likely be regulated within time but for now, trust your fellow consumers to help you feel less intimidated and more confident that you are choosing a high-quality CBD oil. Don’t trust the companies–trust your fellow consumers for the truth!

Why it is Important to Dr. Hemp Me

At Dr. Hemp Me, we read every review posted and respond to your questions. We are here to help you find the best product and accurate dosage to meet your needs. Our reviews are transparent and available for all consumers to view. We trust our product and believe you will too! To view Dr. Hemp Me’s CBD reviews, please scroll down.