Does CBD Oil Help With Torn Ligaments


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You can use CBD to aid treatment in torn ligaments, Achilles tendonitis, muscle spasms, minor sprains, everyday aches, and so on. When you are used to exercising several times a week or everyday, an injury that sidelines you from the gym or your Aaptiv app workouts can feel like a major setback. You’re eager to do whatever you can to heal quickly, including going to physical therapy, working with your doctor, and resting and stretching (if CBD (Cannabidiol) has been used to treat medical conditions like cancer and epilepsy. Learn about its powerful benefits for athletes and professional football players to recover from intense workouts and injuries.

Does CBD Oil Help With Torn Ligaments?

Sportspersons and athletes need to recover quickly if they want to get back into their game as soon as possible without losing much. Did you know that traditionally athletes were given prescription opioids, however that came with their side of negative effects? However, there is a treatment now for such pains and aches – CBD. CBD does not have side effects and is perfectly safe for human consumption. It is a non-addictive and safe way to treat injuries. Having sports injuries can hamper the way we function in our daily life. It might become difficult to walk around, get work done, to sleep and might also induce anxiety and stress in some cases. In this article, we will check whether CBD oil helps in treating torn ligaments.

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CBD stands for cannabidiol and it is present in the cannabis plant. CBD modulates THC’s psychoactive effects and does not give you the feeling of being ‘high’. It is used worldwide for a variety of reasons, such as treating anxiety and depression, insomnia and other sleep disorders, acne, skin disorders, pain management, and so on. CBD has anxiolytic, antipsychotic properties and is anti-inflammatory. It also acts as an antioxidant and helps with a plethora of bodily issues. It also affects the endocannabinoid systems (ECS) in our bodies. The ECS regulates sleeping, moods, energy, immune levels, metabolism, stress, and so many more things!

CBD and pain relief

According to this study, the patients who used CBD reported pain relief without side effects. According to another review, CBD can help in reducing inflammation and improve pain and mobility in sclerosis. An article in Current Neuropharmacology stated that CBD is a ‘wake-promoting agent and it can activate neurons in our brain. Research has also found that CBD can help in healing fractures by boosting protein collagen that is typically found in the bones. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD help in healing injuries faster – whether they are everyday aches or minor injuries.

CBD is also recommended by doctors for patients who go through pain related to eczema, epilepsy, sclerosis, and even chemotherapy. Many swimmers and athletes also use CBD regularly to deal with post-workout pain, muscle cramps, and other injuries, including torn ligaments.

Tore ligaments can also lead to sleep issues and anxiety disorders – but CBD can help here too! It stimulates appetite and helps you sleep better whilst also dealing with any anxiety and depression associated with an injury. You can use it for a variety of reasons and have a one-stop destination for all health-related issues.

To sum up, you can use CBD to aid treatment in torn ligaments, Achilles tendonitis, muscle spasms, minor sprains, everyday aches, and so on. It can definitely help with torn ligaments and help in lessening your pain.

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Purchasing CBD

CBD is available readily in the market with a lot of brands, however, not all of them can be trusted. It is a good idea to conduct some background research before settling on a brand. Typically, a brand should provide you with a complete list of ingredients along with third-party independent testing reports to confirm authenticity and credibility. One such website you can rely on is HempDepot Wholesale. Here are some useful CBD products from Hemp Depot CBG Products, CBG Hemp Flower. They provide you with pure, potent, and full-spectrum CBD products. Some of their best-selling products you can try out include:

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Broad-Spectrum CBD Distillate: This is a totally versatile product and contains organic cannabinoids with zero THC. The oil is light in color and has no taste or aroma. You can check out the complete list of ingredients on the website. It is vegan, Kosher, and cruelty-free. The shelf life is of one year and it is organically grown.

Bulk Formulated CBD Tincture – Mint: Add a little minty flavor to your lifestyle with this awesome product. It leverages the power of the entourage effect and gives you maximum potential benefits. It is available in 3 different concentrations and more details are available on the website. It is light amber in color and has an allergy-friendly formulation. The shelf life is of one year and the product is cruelty-free and vegan.

It is to be noted that there is no specific dosage for CBD, however, you can start with a small amount and find your way upwards. It has a different effect on everyone – for some, an everyday dosage works, whereas for some, Micro dosing works. Once you find the right fit, we suggest you continue it that way! The way CBD works depends on the composition of your body, your metabolism, the objective of taking it, your genes, and so on.


CBD is used by plenty of people across the world and we suggest that you include it into your daily routine too! A lot of people use CBD in their skincare products also! All you need to do is mix a little bit of CBD with your products and let it work its magic. It helps with so many issues and is an excellent alternative to traditional and conventional medication. Have you used CBD oil for your sport-related injuries? Let us know your experiences below. Thank you for reading!

CBD and Injuries: What It Can and Can’t Do for You

When you’re hurting or sore, you could reduce inflammation thanks to this buzzy oil.

When you are used to exercising several times a week or everyday, an injury that sidelines you from the gym or your Aaptiv app workouts can feel like a major setback. You’re eager to do whatever you can to heal quickly, including going to physical therapy, working with your doctor, and resting and stretching (if needed) until you feel stronger again.

One of the major concerns with injuries like those from overuse and minor strains is inflammation. Until the swelling goes down, you won’t be able to get back to your running, lifting, cycling, or whatever it is that you love.

Nowadays, there’s a buzzy ingredient out there that’s getting a lot of attention: CBD. CBD, or cannabidiol, is said to help reduce inflammation in the body. Sounds ideal for sports injuries, right?

But, is it a good idea to use CBD when you are hurting? Here’s the truth.

What exactly is CBD and will it get me high?

First things first, even though CBD is derived from the same plant as marijuana, it won’t get you high. Most CBD oils have less than 0.3 percent THC, the psychoactive component to CBD. What’s more, there’s already a system in the body called the endocannabinoid system.

“Our body makes its own cannabinoids that influence pain and inflammation, as well as several other bodily systems. CBD is a compound in cannabis that acts on these same receptors,” explains Kyle Burton, a doctor of Chinese medicine, acupuncturist, and licensed herbalist in Los Angeles. “When present, they help decrease levels of pain, as well as inflammation. CBD is still being studied for how these mechanisms work, but there are several studies that conclude CBD does have a noticeable effect, especially with seizures, which is a strong objective reaction.”

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For injuries, you can try CBD as an oil, tincture, or in a topical cream or ointment used daily or several times a week as you recover.

CBD and Sports Injuries: A Match Made in Exercise Heaven

CBD is anti-inflammatory, so when you are sore or injured, it may be useful as you recover, says Andrew Kerklaan, doctor of chiropractic and founder of Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics. “Sports injuries most often involve either significant inflammation response or mild-micro traumas,” he says. “Because of CBD’s anti-inflammatory potential, it may be useful in a myriad of symptoms—from mild everyday aches and pains to minor injuries.”

Dr. Kerklaan says that CBD may be beneficial for recovery from a number of common exercise-induced injuries. “These will all trigger inflammatory responses and therefore CBD may have potential to help in the recovery process,” he says.

You may want to try CBD as you recover from the following:

  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Muscle spasm
  • Minor sprain/strain
  • Everyday aches and pains from overuse

Of course, you’ll want to use CBD in conjunction with the treatment plan your doctor or physical therapist creates for you. If you are recovering from surgery or on other pain medications, you may want to hold off using CBD until you get the green light from your doctor.

When to Skip It

CBD may help reduce inflammation and help with pain management, but it isn’t a blanket solution to take with all injuries, Dr. Kerklaan explains. “Any severe injury should get a medical opinion and treatment,” he says. (That, of course, includes anything broken or torn.)

“Anything severely limiting movement with significant pain and inflammation along with reduced function may likely be beyond the benefit of CBD,” he says.

Is CBD safe to use?

CBD contains minimal amounts of THC, and is generally considered safe to use; however, always check with your doctor or a holistic health professional if you are concerned. These professionals can let you know if it’s safe for you and if it will interfere with any other medications that you are on. Also, follow any directions or recommendations for a safe dose on the package or label.

“CBD is widely believed to be safe, although therapeutic doses and applications are still being determined,” Burton says. “GW Pharmaceuticals determined [that] nine mg/per pound body weight is the maximum safe dose, although that high dosage may not be necessary depending on the ailment being treated. Because CBD acts on our own receptors and doesn’t interfere with our own body’s production, it is believed to be non-addicting and safe for anyone to try.”

Remember, using CBD isn’t a substitute for seeing a doctor or physical therapist when you are injured. Instead, think of it as a supplement to your medical and/or physical therapy care. Don’t rush back to exercise until your doctor gives you the OK. Take all the time you need to heal when you are injured, and you’ll come back stronger.

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CBD for Muscle Recovery and Improved Performance for Pro Football Players

CBD (Cannabidiol) has been used to treat medical conditions like cancer and epilepsy. Learn about its powerful benefits for athletes and professional football players to recover from intense workouts and injuries.

Feb 8, 2022 12:08 PM EST

If you’re a pro football player, you’re at serious risk of injury every time you step onto the field. It’s a fast-paced, high-impact sport, and the slightest misstep can mean a serious injury—or even worse. This article highlights the benefits of CBD oil for muscle recovery among pro football players, including how CBD oil works to repair damaged muscles and decrease inflammation, how it accelerates the healing process, and how it improves overall performance and recovery time while reducing pain.

Why CBD for Muscle Recovery?

In any competitive sport, injuries are common, so pain management is usually the first concern in many cases. CBD can be used for the typical football injuries such as sprains, strains, Rotator cuff injuries, Achilles’ tendon injuries, Runner’s knee and other injuries.

The anti-inflammatory properties within this natural substance assist in getting rid of swelling and stiffness in muscles. By bringing down pain and inflammation, athletes will be able to recover faster and feel better overall. It’s no gainsaying that Pro football players and athletes treat their bodies like finely tuned machines, so it’s clear why they would be interested in CBD for muscle recovery.

Treating an Injury with CBD Oil

Once an injury takes place, your body releases endocannabinoids as part of your natural response system. The endocannabinoids attach themselves to CB1 receptors located throughout the body, including on nerve cells, immune cells and other cells involved in tissue regeneration. By attaching themselves to these receptors, they trigger various reactions that start up the healing process while reducing muscle spasms and pain.

CBD oil can be ingested, inhaled, applied topically or smoked. The method used depends on the desired effect and an athlete’s personal preference. Ingesting CBD oil orally allows for quick reaction, while smoking produces effects almost instantly but will wear off more quickly than oral ingestion or topical application. A typical dose is anywhere from 10 to 25 mg of CBD per day (though this will vary depending on ailments).

Benefits of CBD for Athlete Players

There are three main reasons why pro athletes use CBD oil: pain management, muscle recovery and muscle development. However, there are other benefits of CBD that improve athlete performance and long-term health.

Reduces Inflammation

CBD (cannabidiol) oil is known for its anti-inflammatory properties that may help reduce pain, swelling and the severity of joint damage caused by injuries

Improves Sleep Quality

Studies show that CBD oil provides relief from insomnia and other sleep disorders by boosting overall relaxation, reducing anxiety and improving sleep quality. This can speed up the healing process by allowing you to recover faster

Promotes Cell Regeneration

CBD oil also has neuroprotective properties that can help repair nerve tissues damaged during an injury or surgery. This can lead to faster wound healing, reduced scarring and improved muscle development over time.

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