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Cleanse & restore damaged hair with our 100% hemp-derived natural CBD oil-infused CBD shampoo for fuller, thicker hair & healthier scalp. CBD shampoo for alleviating dry or brittle hair, dandruff, or itchiness. Check out the best medicated CBD shampoos & conditioners for 2022. CBD Shampoo Reviews 2022 ✓ Best CBD Shampoo ✓ CBD Shampoo Side Effects ✓ Buy CBD Shampoo ✓ Are CBD Shampoo safe? ✓

EMERA CBD Shampoo (25th Anniversary Silver Edition)

Nourish hair follicles and improve scalp health with our revolutionary CBD-infused Emera CBD Shampoo. This luxurious vegan formula provides intense hydration with a blend of hemp seed and avocado oils to restore moisture for stronger, thicker hair. Sustainably packaged in aluminum with PCR closures, manufactured with renewable solar energy in California. EMERA is the NO.1 best-selling CBD shampoo in hair salons in the U.S.

Vegan & Cruelty Free

3rd Party Tested

Scent: Seagrass Mint (sun-drenched ivy, lily of the valley, peppermint)

EMERA CBD Shampoo Review

EMERA CBD Shampoo cleanses, hydrates, nourishs & restores damaged hair & scalp with 100% hemp-derived natural CBD oil. Packed with 50 mg high-potency CBD, this 10 oz sustainable bottle also contain plant-based, sulfate-free, ultra-moisturizing essential oils such as Hemp Oil, Avocado Oil, peppermint, and green tea. EMERA Shampoo systematically strengthens hair, prolongs hair colors, and reduces breakage & dandruff, leaving fuller, thicker hair and a healthier scalp. It is the NO.1 best-selling CBD shampoo to hair salons and hairdressers in the U.S.

EMERA CBD Shampoo is the best way to set the foundation for your hair care routine. Its special lab-tested formula focuses the benefit of CBD oil and other essential oils on the scalp. Its gentle but powerful natural botanical blend deeply nourishes the scalp to help relieve common dry skin conditions, restore damaged, especially color-treated hair to its natural strength and shineness. Its soothing and repairing agents balance the scalp to encourage healthy hair growth and reduce dandruff.

With our light and refreshing Seagrass Mint fragrance, your hair is guranteed to look great, and smell great, too. For better results, pair it with EMER CBD Hair Conditioner and EMER CBD Scalp Therapy Leave-In Treatment.

As part of our commitment to the planet, CBD Daily products are 100% Vegan, Cruelty-Free, and made in a solar-powered facility in California. A percentage of every sale is donated to the nonprofit, Get Together Foundation, to help further their efforts in helping the homeless community and doing their part to help make the world a better place.

Best CBD Hair Care Products: CBD Shampoos & Conditioners

CBD shampoos & conditioners are well-suited for managing dry, brittle, or lacklustre hair.

They’re great for dry scalps, dandruff, or psoriasis patches behind the hairline.

Here are the top 3 CBD haircare products to try in 2022.

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Haircare should be taken just as seriously as skincare.

Your hair has a major impact on your overall appearance and problems with dryness or dandruff can be very uncomfortable.

CBD-infused hair care is one of the newer innovations in this space. Most of these products target dry, brittle, or damaged hair. The active ingredient, CBD, is a potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic — making these products especially useful for irritated scalps, brittle hair, and psoriasis patches behind the hairline.

If you suffer from a dry scalp or lackluster hair, you may want to give CBD shampoo or conditioners a try.

To help you decide, we’ve rounded up the top CBD hair products on the market this year.

Table of Contents
Recommended products
The CBD Skincare Co.
The CBD Skincare Co. CBD-Infused Conditioner 8 fl oz (236 mL)

5 / 5

Total CBD: 100 mg
Potency: 0.42 mg/mL
Cost per mg CBD: $0.38
Extract Type: Full-Spectrum

Best CBD Shampoos & Hair Products for 2022

1. The CBD Skincare Co. — CBD-Infused Conditioner

The CBD Skincare Co.
The CBD Skincare Co. CBD-Infused Conditioner 8 fl oz (236 mL)

5 / 5

Total CBD: 100 mg
Potency: 0.42 mg/mL
Cost per mg CBD: $0.38
Extract Type: Full-Spectrum

This is our favorite CBD hair care product for two reasons:

  1. The base formula is very impressive, consisting of synergistic ingredients designed to stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles and promote epidermal regeneration in the scalp
  2. The active dose of CBD is the highest we’ve seen yet for a CBD hair product (0.42 mg/mL)

The CBD Skincare Co. focuses on all-natural ingredients whenever possible in their products — including this CBD conditioner. Inside each bottle, you’ll find ingredients such as Swertia japonica extract (a natural treatment for hair loss), lemon extract, green tea extract, fennel seed extract, and sea buckthorn extract.

This unique conditioner contains sea buckthorn seed oil (rich in alpha-linolenic acid), enhancing microcirculation of the scalp and improving epidermal regeneration. It also contains Hexapeptide-11, which has been clinically shown to help increase collagen production and improve hair growth.

This is also one of the only CBD hair products we’ve seen to incorporate a full-spectrum hemp extract rather than a CBD isolate. Full-spectrum products are generally considered stronger and more robust in terms of effects compared to a CBD isolate.

This brand also sells CBD shampoos, skin creams and lotions, and pet shampoos.

2. Emera Nourishing CBD Shampoo

Emera Nourishing CBD Shampoo 8 oz (236 mL)

4.5 / 5

Total CBD: 50 mg
Potency: 0.23 mg/mL
Cost per mg CBD: $0.50
Extract Type: CBD Isolate

Emera specializes in making CBD-rich hair products, including shampoos, conditioners, and serums. All of their formulas contain a blend of natural ingredients designed to hydrate and protect the hair.

The shampoo and conditioner from this brand both have a similar formula and are designed to work together in combination, but our favorite formula from this line is the shampoo.

This product has a unique Lilly of the valley aroma, which gives it a really fresh and uplifting effect on its own.

Other ingredients in this formula include tea tree oil, eucalyptus, hemp seed oil, lemongrass, chamomile, and green tea extract.

Overall, this is an excellent product for people with dry or brittle hair as well as scalp dryness or dandruff.

3. CBD For Life Pure CBD Conditioner

$10.00 – $25.00
CBD For Life
CBD For Life Pure CBD Conditioner 295 mL

4 / 5

Total CBD: 100 mg
Potency : 0.34 mg/mL
Cost per mg CBD: $0.25
Extract Type: Isolate
THC Content: 0.0%

With 100 mg of CBD per 10 oz bottle, this is the most potent CBD hair product on our list. Each application provides roughly 3.5 mg of CBD, which is well within the effective range for a CBD hair product.

I’d consider CBD conditioners, in general, to provide better overall benefits compared to CBD shampoos simply because less of the active ingredients are rinsed away. By definition, soaps and shampoos remove all the oils and lipids on the skin, which removes most of the CBD along with it.

A conditioner is designed to leave a thin layer on the hair and scalp, which gives the CBD and other active ingredients more time to exert their benefits.

This conditioner is reasonably priced and incorporates several other beneficial herbs and ingredients to support the hair and scalp’s health — including hemp seed oil, jojoba oil, rosemary, and lemongrass.

What is CBD Shampoo? Does it Really Work?

A CBD shampoo is any shampoo formula that contains CBD.

There are a lot of “CBD shampoo” products formulated with so little CBD it’s unreasonable to suggest the shampoo can offer any direct benefits from the CBD itself.

I’d classify a true CBD shampoo as any product containing at least 0.2 mg of CBD per mL. The higher the CBD content, the better, but most CBD shampoos contain only small amounts of CBD.

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The formula used in CBD shampoos relies primarily on other ingredients, with CBD offering adjunctive benefits for alleviating inflammation or itchiness.

CBD Conditioners vs. Shampoos

A few companies are making CBD conditioners as well — which makes a little more sense in my opinion since conditioners go on last and are designed to leave a hydrating coating to the hair. Shampoos contain soaps that end up stripping most of the active ingredients of the follicles.

By using a CBD conditioner, the active ingredients in the formula (including the CBD) remain in contact with the hair and scalp for longer periods of time.

For maximum benefits, CBD should remain in contact with the hair and scalp for as long as possible.

Do CBD Hair Products Really Work?

When I first heard about adding CBD to shampoo, I’ll admit my eyes rolled a little bit. There are so many CBD products on the market these days it’s hard to know which types of products can actually benefit from CBD.

Looking closer at the idea, there are actually a few reasons why adding CBD to a shampoo or conditioner actually makes a lot of sense.

The major benefits CBD has to offer in terms of hair and scalp health come from its anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant, and sebum control benefits. CBD shampoos are great for people with dry, itchy, or irritated scalps. The hydrating qualities make it great for people with dry or lackluster hair as well.

The Benefits of CBD Shampoo & Conditioner

  • Gives the hair a thicker, fuller look
  • Resists the formation of split ends
  • Alleviates itchiness or irritation of the scalp
  • Hydrates the hair and scalp without making the hair greasy
  • Supports the production of collagen in the hair

CBD For Hair Health: When to Use CBD Shampoo & Conditioner vs. CBD Oils

CBD has several prominent benefits to offer to the health of the hair and scalp. Topically, CBD shampoo and conditioner can improve conditions like dandruff and dry scalp, dry or brittle hair, inflammation, and irritation.

For other issues with the hair, such as hair loss, CBD oil may be a better option because it helps address some of the underlying causes of the problem (like a hormone imbalance or chronic stress).

Comparing CBD Oil vs. CBD Shampoo & Conditioners
Symptom or Condition CBD Shampoo & Conditioner CBD Oil
General Hair Health Helps nourish the hair and reduce a dull, lackluster appearance Offers minimal direct benefit to hair health
Dry Scalp & Dandruff May alleviate itchiness or pain in the scalp from dandruff (find a high-concentration CBD shampoo) May help with sebum production and discomfort in the scalp
Hair Loss May help slow the conversion of testosterone to DHT, contributing to hair loss Offers the greatest improvement for hair loss involved with chronic or severe stress
Dry or Brittle Hair CBD shampoos and conditioners formulated with other hydrating ingredients can go a long way in protecting the hair from split ends and cracking Offers minimal support for hair dryness by regulating sebum production in the scalp
Psoriasis A high-dose CBD conditioner may alleviate the inflammatory process driving psoriasis symptoms CBD oil is supportive for some of the underlying causes of psoriasis

CBD For Dandruff: Use CBD Shampoos & Conditioners

Dandruff is a common problem — some estimates suggest up to 50% of adults experience dandruff at some point in their lives. This condition can be uncomfortable — leaving flakes on your clothing and leaving your scalp feeling itchy or painful.

CBD can help with dandruff in two ways — it alleviates the pain and itchiness caused by the condition and helps restore hydration in the scalp by regulating the production of sebum in the scalp.

Sebum is an oily substance produced in the sebaceous glands spread evenly throughout the skin and scalp. The oil produced by these glands coats the skin and hair to lock in moisture and keep the skin healthy.

CBD For Psoriasis

Psoriasis is very difficult to treat. Most of the current medications only work to manage symptoms of the condition — rather than providing actual treatment.

CBD offers some valuable benefits for this condition when applied topically. It’s a potent anti-inflammatory that works to block one of the key drivers of psoriasis patches in the skin — an inflammatory marker called nuclear-factor kappa B (NFkB).

Psoriasis is characterized by a proliferation (excessive growth) of keratinocytes in the skin. CBD has been shown to block this — effectively slowing the progression of psoriasis patches in the skin.

Most people who use CBD for psoriasis find greater relief from topical products compared to CBD oils or capsules. It’s more difficult to apply topicals behind the hairline without making the hair too oily or greasy.

CBD shampoos and conditioners offer many benefits here because they’re designed specifically for use on the hair and scalp.

You should look for something with the highest CBD content possible for psoriasis — we recommend the CBD Skincare Co. Conditioner.

CBD For Hair Loss: Use CBD Oils

Most of the heavy lifting done by CBD in terms of its health benefits is leveraged through the endocannabinoid system (ECS) — which is a series of receptors found throughout the body.

The ECS plays a major role in regulating homeostasis (a fancy word for balance). Endocannabinoid receptors are found in our nerve cells, hair follicles, skin cells, and throughout the brain. CBD works by interacting with these receptors, as well as the hormones the body makes that activate them.

Depending on what’s causing the hair loss, CBD may be able to help by supporting the ECS or through secondary mechanisms such as alleviating inflammation or controlling sebum production.

Best CBD shampoo for hair loss: The CBD Skincare Co. — CBD Infused Shampoo

What Are The Causes of Hair Loss?
  • Androgen dysfunction
  • Thyroid disease
  • A traumatic or stressful event
  • Fungal infection
  • Nutritional deficiencies

CBD For Hormones & Hairloss

One of the most common causes of hair loss is hormone imbalance.

In both men and women, excessive conversion of free testosterone into DHT (dihydrotestosterone) can cause the hair follicles’ lifecycle to be cut short — leading to increased hair loss. This is more common in men (called male pattern baldness), but it can happen to women as well (female pattern hair loss).

CBD is thought to benefit both forms of hormone-related hair loss by regulating hormone homeostasis and slowing the conversion of free testosterone into DHT.

The best way to use CBD for this benefit is in the form of an oil, capsule, or another internal type of CBD.

CBD For Stress & Trauma

Another common cause of hair loss is a condition called telogen effluvium.

A severe trauma, such as hospitalization, loss of a loved one, or other traumatic events, can interfere with the hair follicles’ ability to transition from the telogen phase (resting phase) into the anagen phase (regrowth phase). When this happens, the hair follicle can reach the end of the cycle and fall out but doesn’t start to regrow like it normally would. Over time this can appear as bald spots or overall thinning of the hair.

One of the strongest benefits of CBD products overall is in the form of stress reduction — including severe forms of stress like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

A recent case series exploring CBD’s effects for alleviating the symptoms of PTSD concluded that CBD supplementation resulted in a significant reduction in PTSD symptoms [1].

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How To Determine Quality in CBD Shampoos & Conditioners

It’s easy to get deceived with CBD products these days. There are a lot of manufacturers adding trace amounts of CBD to products purely for the sake of using it in their marketing materials.

The best CBD shampoos and conditioners feature relatively high concentrations of CBD. The products you should avoid contain only trace amounts of CBD or include harmful or irritating ingredients in the formula.

The value of CBD shampoos and conditioners can also be a bit of a problem. Many companies mark up the cost of their shampoo purely because of the CBD content.

Here are four steps to assess a CBD shampoo or conditioner before you buy to ensure it’s worth the money and provides the level of benefit you’re expecting.

1. Check the Ingredients List

CBD isn’t the only ingredient in a CBD shampoo or conditioner. In fact, it’s almost always included as an adjunct to the base formula rather than the main active ingredient.

It’s wise to check the ingredients list before you buy to see what else is included in the formula. Look for both good additions — like other herbs and nutrients, as well as bad ingredients — like parabens sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium chloride, polyethylene glycol, synthetic fragrance, alcohol, and formaldehyde.

2. How Potent Is It?

The CBD potency in the hair product matters a lot. If the concentration is too low, it’s unlikely for the CBD to offer any of its associated benefits.

This is a common issue with CBD hair products. The vase majority contain doses that are much too low to provide any real benefit.

Think about it like this:

When using CBD in the form of a shampoo or conditioner, the CBD only remains in contact with the hair and scalp for a brief period of time. After working the shampoo into your hair and scalp, it’s rinsed away completely just a few seconds later — taking all the active CBD along with it.

This means the concentration of CBD has to be relatively high for enough of it to absorb into the hair and scalp.

In general, the higher the CBD content, the better. Most CBD shampoos contain a concentration of CBD between 0.2 and 0.5 mg for every mL of shampoo.

Most people use about 10 mL of shampoo at a time — which would deliver a dose of about 2 to 5 mg of CBD.

Some shampoos only contain something like 20 mg of CBD per 10 oz bottle. This works out to 0.07 mg of CBD per mL or 0.7 mg per shower — which isn’t anywhere near enough CBD to offer any benefit.

3. How to Assess the Value of CBD Shampoo

It’s easy to get caught up on the upfront cost of the CBD shampoo, but a better metric for assessing value is to look at the “cost per milligram of CBD.” This will tell you exactly how much you’re paying for every milligram of the active ingredient. It allows you to compare the cost of CBD shampoos and conditioners irrelevant of the potency or volume of the bottle.

To find the cost per milligram, divide the total cost of the shampoo by the total CBD content.

The average cost for CBD shampoos and conditioners is between $0.25 and $0.50 per milligram.

More luxurious hair products that include other premium ingredients can cost between $0.35 and $0.60 per mg.

CBD shampoos may be considered low value if the cost per mg of CBD is higher than $0.40 — as long as there’s no other reason to justify the higher cost (such as the inclusion of other expensive ingredients in the formula).

4. Check Third-Party Lab Tests

Third-party lab testing is a standard practice in the CBD space these days. It’s done to provide the ultimate level of transparency for the products you’re buying to ensure the claims the manufacturer is making are accurate.

While third-party testing isn’t as important with shampoos and conditioners as it is with CBD oils or other ingestible forms of CBD, it’s still important that a CBD brand is taking this step to prove the quality of its products.

I consider third-party testing essential because it combats the problems with manufacturers claiming their products have a higher concentration of CBD than what’s actually contained in the bottle.

Key Takeaways: CBD Shampoo & Hair Products

There are a few interesting ways CBD may be able to improve your hair and scalp’s health. The biggest benefit comes from the anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD.

Shampoos & conditioners infused with CBD and other soothing or restorative ingredients can go a long way in fighting frustrating scalp itch and dandruff and may even offer hair loss support.

In general, both CBD and shampoo will offer a mild improvement in the overall look and vibrancy of your hair, but conditioners are going to have the greatest impact overall. A conditioner stays in your hair for longer periods of time, allowing the CBD to soak in and do its magic more effectively.

Always look for CBD hair products that come with third-party testing, offer relatively high doses of CBD, and don’t contain any irritants or harsh chemicals.

If you’re looking for a simple recommendation to get started, check out the hair products offered by Emera or The CBD Skincare Company.

Best CBD Shampoo Comparison 2022: CBD Shampoo for Hair Loss

There’s nothing as nice as having a fresh hairdo. It feels so relaxing and even elevates one’s confidence.

But not everyone has lasting benefits from making their hair, and some suffer from dandruff irritation, and we all feel the omnipresent threat of hair loss. There are many causes of hair loss, from stress to hormonal issues and aging. Loss of hair can lead to low self-esteem and expensive salon trips to reverse the condition.

But what if there could be a DIY solution to hair loss, scalp irritation, and other hair problems? What if you could remedy the situation in 10 minutes max? What if all you need is a hair wash?

In recent years, CBD has become famous and used in many cosmetic products, including shampoos. But as with many new things, there are questions. Do they work? Do they make you high? Are they healthy?

This article is going to demystify all these queries and more.

Let’s get into it.

What is CBD Shampoo

We’ll start by looking at what CBD is. CBD or cannabidiol is one of the components found in marijuana. Tetrahydrocannabinol is the ingredient that makes you high, but it is not found in CBD. So, CBD on its own cannot make you high but has many medicinal properties.

CBD shampoo is infused with CBD and other ingredients to leave you with healthy hair.


Hempz CBD Shampoo


✖️ Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil
✖️ Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice
✖️ Panax Ginseng Root Extract
✖️ Sunflower Seed Oil
✖️ Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract
✖️ Cucumis Sativus Fruit Extract
✖️ Aminomethyl Propanol


✅ Locks in moisture in the hair
✅ Strengthens and hydrates hair
✅ Prevents frizz
✅ Increases shine
✅ Encourages new hair growth
✅ Reduces scalp inflammation
✅ Prevents hair loss

Recommended Brand



Between $9.99 and $29.99



What are CBD Shampoo Ingredients?

A good shampoo must-have ingredients that help it improve the health of your hair. Let’s look at some of the ingredients in these CBD shampoos.

Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil

This is a green oil extracted from the seeds of the Cannabis Sativa plant. It does not contain Tetrahydrocannabinol which enables the plant to make people ‘high’. But it has some properties that make this shampoo really good; they include;

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✅ It is a great moisturizer that nourishes the skin.

✅ It also has an omega 6 fatty acid called gamma-linolenic acid that is great for rejuvenating skin by encouraging cell renewal.

✅ Cannabis sativa oil is also rich in Vitamin E, which has antioxidant properties, and it does a lot in helping maintain the skin barrier and lock moisture in the skin. Vitamin E can also protect the skin from external stress factors. We all know stress is not a good thing for the skin, so this is great.

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice

Unlike CBD oils, Aloe Barbadensis is not new to the beauty industry. It has been trusted with helping people take care of their hair and skin for hundreds of years. Some of its known benefits include;

✅ It is an anti-inflammatory that will help anyone with an inflamed scalp

✅ It is also antimicrobial and can help deal with infections on the scalp and issues like dandruff. It also helps with healing wounds faster.

✅ Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice is also good for moisturizing and keeps the scalp healthy and balanced.

✅ But the best of them is that it has been known to help treat psoriasis by soothing the skin and helping keep the skin from drying out.

✅ Another great benefit is that it stimulates the proteolytic enzyme that stimulates fibroblast cells that synthesize collagen.

✅ Aloe also helps break down dead cells, allowing it to work as a detox agent that removes toxins from the pores.

Panax Ginseng Root Extract

Panax Ginseng is also known as Korean Ginseng and grows in East Asia. Asians have been using it for years to treat various illnesses, including skin-related ones. It contains ginsenosides that have anti-inflammatory effects, and it helps in soothing the scalp and reducing itchiness.

Sunflower Seed Oil

This ingredient is packed with benefits for your hair.

✅ It has antioxidants like Vitamin E that reduce the bacteria on your scalp.

✅ It reduces thinning hair and alleviates male and female pattern baldness and alopecia areata

✅ It has high levels of Vitamin E that helps stimulate hair growth

✅ It also contains amino acids that help reduce hair breakage and promote hair growth

✅ Sunflower seed oil is also a lightweight oil that does not weigh down the hair and penetrates the strands to moisturize from within.

Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract

This extract comes from a flowering plant known as Hungarian or true chamomile, indigenous to Europe and Asia. It is a great addition to this shampoo range because it has strong anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

It helps improve skin regeneration and alleviate itchiness from bacterial skin infections. If you have colored hair, rinsing with chamomile can help bring out blonde and bright brown highlights.

Chamomile is also essential in strengthening hair roots and helps protect the hair from adverse environmental conditions. Applying this ingredient to your hair can also help you sleep better if you have a mild case of insomnia; what a great positive!

Cucumis Sativus Fruit Extract

Cucumber has great health benefits for the human body, but it can also do wonders for your hair. It has amazing moisturizing benefits and is great for people with dry scalps and hair.

It also has silica, Vitamins A and C that help reduce hair breakage and loss and split ends. It also stimulates hair growth and can help hair gain and maintain volume over time.

Cucumis Sativa fruit also has silicon and sulfur that are key for healthy and strong hair and prevent hair from falling out. It is also rich in several vitamins and minerals that repair damaged hair.

Jojoba Seed Oil (Simmondsia Chinensis)

Unless you are just starting to use hair products, you must have come across jojoba oil on several hair care products ingredient lists. This hair favorite is extracted from the Simmondsia Chinensis plant seeds.

It is a great hydrator that moisturizes hair, soothes the scalp, and repairs breakage. It is packed with vitamins and minerals that promote healthy hair and scalp and also has zinc and copper that promote hair thickness and regrowth.

Cocamidopropyl Betaine

One thing that can make hear unhealthy is it being weighed down by all the oils we put on it. Cocamidopropyl Betaine (CAPB) helps with that because it is a gentle surfactant that cleans dirt and grime from hair without stripping and damaging it.

CAPB is derived from coconut oil, is very mild, and can even be used in baby shampoos. It is also the product that creates form in the shampoo. It is also non-toxic and doesn’t irritate the skin as much as other surfactants on the market.

Ananas Sativus (Pineapple) Fruit Extract

This extract comes from the stem and core of the pineapple and is also known as bromelain. It is high in Vitamin C, an antioxidant that protects your hair and skin from environmental elements.

It is also rich in carbohydrates and alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), which help maintain the moisture in your hair.

Best CBD Shampoo – CBD Shampoo and Conditioner 2022

In recent years, many new CBD shampoo products have been popping up, and we cannot review all of them. But we have decided to share a few of the best products we have that deal with different hair issues.

1. Original Herbal Shampoo for Damaged & Color-Treated Hair

Original Herbal Shampoo

✅ Helps protect hair and lock in moisture
✅ Helps strengthen and hydrate hair
✅ Helps to preserve moisture, prevent frizz
✅ Helps encourage new hair growth

Price: $9.99

Try Original Herbal Shampoo

Every once in a while, we want a change. One of the least dramatic ways to change overnight is to color our hair. But while the change may be therapeutic, the color can have lasting negative effects on both the hair and the scalp. You may try letting the color grow out and try resisting the temptation to color it again, but you may need some help to reverse the damage.

The good thing is, we found just the thing to help you out, the Hempz Original herbal shampoo for damaged and color-treated hair. It has pure hemp seed oil that helps maintain moisture in the hair.

It also has avocado oil to help preserve moisture, keep your hair shiny, and reduce fizz. This moisture preserving helps keep the moisture in color-treated hair that is otherwise porous. Porous hair doesn’t hold moisture well and is more prone to breaking.

The ginseng root also helps with encouraging new hair growth. The cucumber fruit extract is also helpful in promoting the growth of healthy hair, and it also has vitamins and minerals that are vital in repairing damaged hair.

It also has Pineapple fruit extract that helps increase volume by reducing the appearance of thinning hair and alleviating male and female pattern baldness. It also helps deal with alopecia areata. The chamomile in this shampoo can also bring out blonde and bright brown highlights.

2. Triple Moisture Moisture-Rich Herbal Replenishing Shampoo

Triple Moisture Moisture

✅ Helps protect hair and lock in moisture
✅ Helps moisturize the follicle with jojoba oil
✅ Helps strengthen the follicle with apple extract
✅ Smoothes frizz and helps hair hold onto moisture