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Does your morning cup of coffee make you jittery? Drink a CBD-infused coffee instead! Click here for an easy CBD oil latte recipe. Are you looking for a little boost in the mornings before taking on your busy day? Looking for a calorie wise beverage option to align with your 2021 wellness journey goals? Our Matcha Latte recipe was created with our entire community in mind. To no one’s surprise, it is still Winter outside, and there is always a nee

CBD Oil Latte Recipe

When you wake up in the morning, what are the things you often look forward to doing first? A warm shower? A swim? Or a hearty breakfast washed down with a tasty hot cup of coffee?

Well, everyone has their own morning routine. However, if you are a coffee lover, you may be part of the 62% of Americans who drink coffee daily . In general, Americans consume over 400 million cups of coffee daily. But did you know that coffee has immense health benefits besides being an excellent early morning pick-me-up?

It turns out coffee is quite nutritious. It is rich in essential nutrients like riboflavin, potassium, vitamin B5, niacin, and manganese. Moreover, coffee is the leading source of antioxidants for the average American.

It is also a great energy booster, thanks to caffeine, which helps break down fat cells to release energy . This is why you feel invigorated after a cup of coffee. As a result, your metabolism increases by up to 11%, helping you lose weight.

Therefore, it is gratifying that you can enrich your coffee and turn it into something more special—a CBD latte!

CBD—short for cannabidiol—has hit the limelight in recent years. It’s a cannabinoid derived from cannabis believed to possess numerous health benefits.

Even though CBD research is just gathering momentum, existing studies suggest this adaptogenic herbal supplement may help relieve pain and inflammation and promote reduced levels of stress and anxiety.

Moreover, if you wonder if CBD will make you “high,” no, it will not! Unlike THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis responsible for the “high,” CBD is generally non-psychoactive. Instead, it induces a wide range of dose-dependent effects.

Moreover, hemp CBD products are legal in the United States because they typically contain less than 0.3% THC. Furthermore, it is neither addictive nor prone to abuse, meaning you can enjoy the full range of CBD benefits without experiencing any adverse side effects.

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Coffee is a great drink, but it does have its flaws. Too much of it can cause a host of unpleasant side effects, like headaches, faster heart rate, anxiety, insomnia, restlessness, and dizziness. Adding CBD to your drink alleviates these symptoms and gives extra benefits like a clearer focus and calm.

Here’s an easy way to make a CBD latte.

How to make CBD oil latte

Before switching to CBD coffee, there are a few things to keep in mind.

For starters, CBD’s “golden rule” is to start ‘low and slow.’ You may generally drink several cups daily, but with CBD, we recommend starting with one CBD-infused cup of coffee latte.

Although many coffee shops now sell CBD-infused coffee drinks, it can be challenging to know the exact quantity of CBD you have taken in this manner. However, if you mix the CBD oil in the latte yourself, you can get results that are more accurate.

To kick off the process of making a CBD latte, you need CBD oil and coffee. Be advised that CBD is water insoluble, so you will need some fat (margarine, butter, cream) for it to bind to.

High-fat content products are ideal, but coconut milk creamer, whole milk, or almond milk work quite well.


  • Saucepan or coffee machine with a steam wand
  • Milk jug
  • Food thermometer
  • Latte glass
  • Handheld Milk Frother or whisk


  • 2 cups of freshly brewed espresso coffee
  • 2 cups whole milk

When making a regular latte, it is essential not to add too much milk foam to your drink. Instead, aim for a nice, thin foam layer on top of the latte.

If you use an espresso machine, fill the filter basket with the correct amount of coffee and brew it directly into the latte glass.

NOTE: Ideally, the latte should be two-thirds milk.


  1. Prepare the espresso directly into a latte glass.
  2. Fill the milk jug up to one-third (1/3) with whole milk.
  3. Steam the milk in the espresso machine until it begins to froth. Let it froth for 20 to 45 seconds until you get a homogenous smooth microfoam.
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NB : In the absence of an espresso machine, you can heat the milk on the stovetop and froth it using the handheld milk frother. A temperature of 150°F is ideal. At this temperature, the milk does not simmer but is very hot. You can also use a whisk to froth the milk. the options are many.

CBD Infused Matcha Latte Recipe

Are you looking for a little boost in the mornings before taking on your busy day? Looking for a calorie wise beverage option to align with your 2021 wellness journey goals? Our Matcha Latte recipe was created with our entire community in mind. To no one’s surprise, it is still Winter outside, and there is always a need for a warm, frothy, beverage packed with antioxidants to help you get up and get moving or settle down for the day.

What is Matcha?

Matcha is a finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea leaves, traditionally consumed in East Asia. Matcha contains about 140 times more antioxidants than traditional brewed green tea – as the entire leaf is consumed. Traditionally, matcha was consumed as a part of Japanese tea ceremonies for centuries. Fast forward to today, where matcha has become widely known and popular and is enjoyed around the world in tea lattes, smoothies, desserts, snacks and many more.

How is Matcha Prepared?

For this recipe, we pre-purchased our matcha powder from a local retail store. The traditional preparation of matcha is done by sifting a small amount into a small bowl, along with a small amount of water. Using a matcha whisk, smooth the mixture into a paste. Once smooth, add your hot (but not boiling) water. Whisking in an ‘M’ motion can help better froth the mixture to create a nice foam texture

Matcha vs Coffee?

Looking at the two head-to-head, there are many similarities to notice. Both contain minimal calories (Coffee, 2 calories, Matcha, 5 calories) per 8-ounce serving. Additionally, coffee contains around 96 mg per 8-ounce (240-mL) cup, while matcha contains 19–44 mg per gram — equaling 38–88 mg per 2-ounce (60-mL) serving if prepared the standard way. The caffeination of matcha varies regarding the amount of powder, the variety and freshness of the leaves used to make that powder, water temperature and brewing time. The shared benefits outweigh it all, as both are known to help promote weight loss, loaded with cancer-fighting antioxidants, and may protect heart health.

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The Recipe

Now that we understand how matcha is prepared, and the benefits of consuming it, let us show you our 5 ingredient, 5-minute matcha latte recipe that is easy to make. It is customizable and super delicious. Did we mention that it can also be prepared vegan?

Prep time: 3 mins
Cook time: 2 mins
Total: 5 mins


  • 1 ¼ tsp high quality matcha powder
  • 1 Tbsp maple syrup (or stevia to taste, depending on preference)
  • 1 Tbsp hot water
  • ¾ cup light coconut milk2
  • 3-5 drops of Pūr Dew CBD Oil from Blissco


  1. Add matcha powder to your mug of choice, along with your sweetener, Pūr Dew CBD oil and hot water.
  2. Whisk with a bamboo whisk or a metal kitchen whisk until completely dissolved. If you don’t have a whisk, used a spoon or even blend the latte in a blender at the lowest setting.
  3. Once the matcha is completely dissolved, heat your dairy, or coconut milk if you are selecting the vegan option. Add to a frothing pitcher and steam on an espresso machine. Alternatively, you can heat the mixture up in a microwave or on the stovetop until it is hot and steamy. To get more froth, whisk vigorously.
  4. Pour dairy or coconut milk into your mug. Taste and add more sweetener as you see fit.
  5. Enjoy immediately.

This warm, CBD infused, frothy latte is the perfect gentle caffeine boost when you need a little pick-me-up. We are currently enjoying ours, warm in the morning with breakfast. But it can also be made cold over ice if you’re in warmer climates or it’s summertime. If you try this recipe, please let us know!

DISCLAIMER: We are not doctors, psychiatrists or mental health professionals. We are sharing recipes that we enjoy putting our Blissco Pūr Dew CBD Oil in, and that work for us. Please discuss with your primary health care provider first before experimenting with cannabis and or/ CBD (Cannabidiol) oil.

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