CBD Oil For Anxiety While Driving

Has a car accident made you afraid to get back behind the wheel? Maybe you’re just anxious about everything, and pushing around a giant metal box around other giant metal boxes isn’t something you can get comfortable with. You’re not alone if this is you, and if you want to, you can overcome your driving anxiety. Ident Can CBD Affect Your Driving? Researchers from University of Sydney found drivers who vaped CBD before driving could perform just as well as those who didn't take any cannabis.

Overcoming Driving Anxiety

Has a car accident made you afraid to get back behind the wheel? Maybe you’re just anxious about everything, and pushing around a giant metal box around other giant metal boxes isn’t something you can get comfortable with. You’re not alone if this is you, and if you want to, you can overcome your driving anxiety.

Identify Why You Have Driving Anxiety

The first thing you need to do is recognize why you have this anxiety. Is it because of a car accident you had ten years ago that you still, to this day, don’t know how you survived? Do you fear that you’ll have a panic attack and be trapped in the car? Are you scared of a car accident even though you’ve never been in one? Finding out why you have this fear is one of the best ways to conquer it. Once you have it figured out, the next logical step is to get in touch with a counselor.

Therapy For Driving Anxiety

What a counselor can give you that the internet can’t is a “tailored to you” therapy session. While of course there is online therapy where you talk to a real person from the comfort of your home, but that falls into this category as well.

What your counselor might advise is cognitive behavioral therapy. It is one of the most effective treatments for people with anxieties. It isn’t the only one, so you may be playing a game of hot and cold until you find what works best for you. Before you dive in, here are some things to expect to practice while conquering your fear of driving.

Tips On Overcoming Driving Anxiety

Face Your Fear

This means your counselor is going to suggest getting into that driver seat and get the ball rolling. This doesn’t mean you should be hitting the interstate going 80 miles an hour, but getting used to being behind the wheel is a form of exposure therapy. Feeling comfortable behind the wheel again may give you a feeling of control which can help with the anxiety.

Don’t Add To The Anxiety

If you are just getting back in the car, don’t go places you aren’t comfortable going. If you’ve never been somewhere before, this could cause your anxiety to get worse. If you aren’t comfortable going at fast speeds, stay in areas where the speed limit is lower. If playing music is a distraction that makes you anxious, turn it off so you can better focus.

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Find A Way To Relax On And Off The Road

This doesn’t mean closing your eyes and doing breathing exercises while going down the high way, that would be dangerous. But you can do those breathing exercises when you get into the car to settle down. While driving, use coping statements to help keep your anxiety at bay. Remind yourself how awesome you are for getting back out on the road and what a great job you’re doing.


Before you use CBD to help with your driving anxiety, make sure that it doesn’t make you drowsy off the road, first. Though it is rare, some people have found that CBD can make them tired. Taking a small amount should keep you alert and your anxiety low. Studies have shown that CBD has anti-anxiety effects that may benefit you through this time of retraining your brain to no longer fear driving.

Have you conquered your fears of driving? Did you used to suffer from driving anxiety but something just clicked for you and helped you work it out? We would love to hear about it in the comment section! Your tips might be able to help someone conquer their fears as well!

Sarah Potts

Sarah Potts has been writing about the wonderful benefits of cannabis for CBD Instead since 2017. Medical cannabis has changed her life and her goal is to show others how it might help them as well.


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Can CBD Affect Your Driving?

TUESDAY, May 31, 2022 (HealthDay News) — Though it is a cannabis component, very high doses of CBD don’t appear to affect driving, a small Australian study reports.

Researchers from the University of Sydney found that even 1,500 mg, the highest daily medicinal dose of cannabidiol (CBD) tested, did not seem to affect study participants’ thinking skills or driving when tested in a simulated driving situation.

“Though CBD is generally considered ‘non-intoxicating,’ its effects on safety-sensitive tasks are still being established,” said lead author Danielle McCartney, a research associate at the university’s Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therapeutics.

“Our study is the first to confirm that when consumed on its own, CBD is driver-safe,” she said in a university news release.

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CBD does not appear to intoxicate people, researchers said. That’s unlike THC, another cannabis component that can induce sedation, a “high” and impairment.

Use of CBD is increasing in Western nations.

Around 55,000 requests to access medicinal CBD have been approved in Australia since 2016, according to a recent study. It is most commonly prescribed for pain, sleep disorders and anxiety.

For the new study, 17 participants did simulated driving tasks after consuming either a placebo or 15 mg, 300 mg or 1,500 mg of CBD in oil. These amounts represent often-used dosages.

Participants were asked to try to maintain a safe distance between themselves and a lead vehicle, and then “drive” along highways and rural roads. They completed the task between 45 and 75 minutes after taking their assigned treatment.

They did it again between 3-1/2 and four hours after dosing, which was meant to cover the range of blood plasma concentrations at different times. They repeated this under each of the four treatments — a placebo plus three different doses.

The researchers measured participants’ control of the simulated car, how much it weaved or drifted, as well as their thinking function, subjective experiences, and the CBD concentrations in their blood plasma.

The examinations found that no dose of CBD induced feelings of intoxication or appeared to impair either driving or thinking.

“We do, however, caution that this study looked at CBD in isolation only, and that drivers taking CBD with other medications should do so with care,” McCartney said.

The findings were published May 30 in the Journal of Psychopharmacology. A similar look at CBD and driving was published last year.

CBD-only cannabis doesn’t appear to affect driving ability, unlike THC

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  • People who use CBD, the non-psychoactive component of cannabis, 40 minutes before driving were able to operate a car just as well as a person who didn’t consume any cannabis, researchers found in a new study.
  • Previous research found that cannabis is the second most common drug that increases the risk of car crashes, after alcohol.
  • These new findings from University of Sydney scientists suggest that CBD-only users may not need to restrict their driving after using such products. .

Opponents of cannabis legalization often cite the drug’s ability to impair driving and contribute to car crashes. Indeed, cannabis is the second most common drug found in under-the-influence drivers after alcohol.

But a study from University of Sydney researchers, published today in the Journal of the American Medical Association, found people who vaped cannabis that contained only CBD, a non-psychoactive component of the drug, could drive just as well as those who didn’t consume anything.

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They also found that people who vaped cannabis containing 9% CBD and less than 1% THC, a psychoactive component that can cause slowed reactions and warp the perception of time, were less likely to sway a car off-path than people who vaped THC-only cannabis before driving.

These findings could benefit people who use CBD products for pain, epilepsy, and anxiety on a regular basis, according to researchers behind the 26-person study.

“The results should reassure people using CBD-only products that they are most likely safe to drive, while helping patients using THC-dominant products to understand the duration of impairment,” Iain McGregor, academic director of the Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therapeutics at the University of Sydney, said in a press release.

CBD didn’t affect drivers’ abilities, but THC did

To study how different types of cannabis affected participants’ driving skills, the researchers focused on how much they veered from a straight path while driving, using a measurement called standard deviation of lateral position (SDLP).

They randomly assigned study participants to vape a placebo, high-THC cannabis, high-CBD cannabis, or cannabis that contained equal parts CBD and THC.

Researchers asked each person to rate how high they felt. They also rated their levels of anxiety, sedation, confidence, and enjoyment of the drug effect on 10-point scales.

40 minutes later, participants drove on a 60 mile-long public highway at 60 miles per hour while in-car cameras recorded their behavior. They drove the same route four hours later and were asked to rate how they thought they did following each hour-long drive.

After the experiment, researchers found that participants who only vaped CBD were able to control the car and prevent swerving just as well as those who took the placebo.

Those who took THC and CBD together, plus those who vaped just THC, were more likely to veer off route during the first driving test, but not at the second test four hours after consuming THC-containing cannabis.

The researchers also found that THC-related car-veering was about the same as that in drivers with 0.05% blood alcohol content after drinking, the equivalent of at least four alcoholic beverages in two hours for a 170-pound man.

“These results provide much needed insights into the magnitude and duration of impairment caused by different types of cannabis and can help to guide road-safety policy not just in Australia but around the world,” Arkell said in a press release.

The study did have limitations. The small number of participants, all of whom were healthy, between ages 20 and 50, and reported cannabis use up to twice weekly, only represent a subset of the population. That means the findings can’t be generalized for those who don’t use cannabis regularly or have underlying medical conditions.