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Find your calm with CBD candles. CBD candles are all the rage. But, do they work? Learn about these infused candles and the special benefits they’re said to bring.

CBD Candles: 6 Benefits for a Calm Mind + Body

Aromatherapy has been quite a popular form of relaxation for people for a long time now. Then came CBD, with all its health benefits and potential to relieve certain health conditions, including inflammation, chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia and more.

Just so you can get a general idea, here are the benefits of CBD Candles:

Does not make you high

Brings calm feelings supporting less stress and better sleep

Helps you unwind and relax

100% Natural and Safe

Popular massage ingredient

Supports the wellness benefits of marijuana but does not exert a psychoactive effect

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The Growing Popularity of CBD Candles

You will not find it too surprising to know that CBD candles have gone even further in popularity. Who can resist the CBD candle, which combines the goodness of aromatherapy and the wellness benefits of CBD in one product?

We know you must be curious to learn a bit more about the significant number of people raving all about the positive results they experienced from using CBD.

What is CBD?

For starters, CBD is a naturally-occurring extract from the female version of Cannabis Satica (called Hemp).

The compound is short for cannabidiol and is a natural substance. You will see it as a popular ingredient of many spa products, oils, and even some foods, in states where it is legal. The best feature of CBD is that it does not make you high, because it comes from a non-psychoactive part of the sativa plant. Thus, you will not experience the marijuana-like high euphoria from using CBD.

Cannabis Candles and Their Benefits

When it comes to aromatherapy, you won’t be able to find a single person who would not admit to being a fan of it. In fact, over the years, the scented candles have become quite a raging trend in almost every household. The candles are famous for their ability to spread a pleasant fragrance throughout and create a relaxing mood.

Lately, we have seen the addition of hemp candles to a wide range of CBD products present in nearly all the supermarkets. Cannabis candles contain Cannabis essential or CBD oil. Manufacturers make the candle using blends of distilled oil with terpenes, and these ingredients produce the typical feel and scent of cannabis in the candles.

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Research suggests CBD can relieve stress, anxiety, and depression, which is evident in one of the primary benefits of CBD candles. When you light these candles, you will note the instant therapeutic effect enveloping your surroundings and the feelings of anxiety and stress soothing away.

CBD does not produce a high feeling, so you can rest assured that inhaling the scent of CBD candles won’t make you euphoric. THC is the component that causes the high sensation, but cannabis products, such as essential oils and candles, do not contain THC.

There is no THC content in the extracts of cannabis essential oil. The cannabis plant provides the hemp strain from where you can derive the essential oil without the THC. So all you have to do is light the wick and let the calm take over you. It sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

CBD Candles Relieve My Symptoms

CBD is now legal in several countries, but research is still in progress regarding its definite benefits. However, the positive aspects that research has given us so far include the ability of CBD essential oil to lower your blood pressure. If your BP has been on the higher side lately, perhaps you’d like to try CBD candle.

A couple of participants in one study experienced calmer feelings and more energy after breathing in the scent of CBD candles. There is, however, a lot more solid ground for research to cover for substantial evidence.

You may even look up some anecdotal reports that discuss the use of CBD oil for regulated sleep patterns, anxiety relief, pain management, and others. Women who suffer from inflammation, cramps, or menstrual pain may find CBD useful too. It reduces the levels of prostaglandin in the body that can make your monthly cycle easier to endure.

Furthermore, CBD may even reduce the COX-2 enzyme, the chemical that produces pain in the body. Several countries use CBD as a supplement for opioids now for pain treatment.

If you consider all these benefits, you would agree too that CBD candles might perhaps be useful for you as well. After all, if it can transport you into deep meditation or relaxation, why wouldn’t you like it?

Besides relieving you of pain, anxiety, and creating a lovely ambiance, CBD candles can also bring your skin a glow. You will find CBD candles quite a popular feature in massage treatments across several countries now.

What are CBD Candles?

CBD manufacturers are getting more creative day by day. Recently, the cannabis community has seen the introduction of CBD candles, a super easy and deliciously aromatic way to reap the benefits of the cannabinoid. But, just saying “CBD candle” often leaves many with questions, and we don’t blame you.

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In the case that you’ve seen your favorite CBD brand selling CBD candles and you’ve had your interest piqued, or even if you’re just looking for a unique way of enjoying your CBD, we have you covered. Here, we’re talking all about CBD candles and what they have to offer.

First glance:

  • CBD candles are candles that have been infused with CBD oil to help emit its beneficial properties.
  • Though they are full of plant-based properties, these candles don’t smell like weed; instead, they smell just like your everyday candle.
  • CBD candles could provide various helpful benefits, such as anxiety and stress-relieving effects as well as pain relief.
  • Mood enhancement has also been reported with CBD candles.
  • Though you can purchase pre-made CBD candles, you can easily make your own for individualized effects and smells.
  • You don’t have to be a regular CBD consumer to enjoy CBD candles; they’re an ideal home accessory for every person looking to enhance their home’s atmosphere.

What is a CBD Candle?

Let’s start with the basics: what is a CBD candle and what are they made of?

Just as your typical candle is made using essential oils to create the beautiful aromatic blends you love, CBD candles utilize oils, too. A perfect blend of carefully chosen essential oils and CBD oil creates the base for the smells and benefits that CBD candles bring.

CBD massage candle

Even though CBD is derived from cannabis plant varieties, your house isn’t going to, all of a sudden, smell like someone’s been smoking. Rather, these candles produce gentle herbaceous blends with practically any notes your nose desires. Citrus-based, floral, sweet–you name it, and you can find a CBD candle that radiates just that.

And, yes, these special candles are just as easy to use as your most traditional ones. To enjoy, all you have to do is light the wick and let the CBD work its magic.

The Benefits of CBD Candles

Other than smelling delicious, you have to wonder what the purpose behind a CBD candle is. However, it shouldn’t surprise you to know that these candles emanate medicinal benefits that your mind and body will appreciate.

Cannabis infused candle

More than anything, CBD-infused candles are ideal for helping you relax and decompress. CBD, on its own, is known for its anti-anxiety and de-stressing properties, even helping with mood enhancement. Certain herbal essential oils, such as lavender and bergamot, do the same (but to a far less potent degree). When combined in a candle, then, your body receives whiffs of some of the most calming blends possible.

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When it’s picked up by your nose, these scents stimulate cell receptors that then transmit messages throughout the nervous and limbic system, which is part of the brain that helps to regulate emotions. With such uplifting properties as CBD allows, the candles help in creating quite relieving, blissful effects in the air.

More than just mood, CBD candles have also been speculated to assist with reducing inflammation and managing pain. Just as certain aromas can trigger calming reactions in the brain, certain chemicals can also help control pain perception, allowing for your body to release compounds that reduce inflammation and relieve discomfort.

No matter what they do for you specifically, CBD-infused candles help create an atmosphere full of welcoming aromas and scents that’ll have you feeling content right where you’re at.

Making Your Own CBD Candles!

While you can easily find great brands that make even greater CBD candles, you can also take on the task of making your own.

Depending on what you want your body to receive from the candle, you can choose specialized essential oils to fulfill all of your wants and desires. This helps create a candle that directly appeals to you.

All you have to do is find a candle recipe that piques your interest and add a few drops of CBD oil alongside the other essential oils. Utilizing ingredients within the candle that are oil-based will help with the efficacy of the oils, as the CBD can easily break down with its fat-soluble properties.

Final Thoughts

CBD candles are infused products that are simply hard to resist. They’re full of beneficial characteristics that not only make you feel great, but they smell incredible while doing so.

No matter who you are, adding a CBD candle into your home can be the ultimate way to give your house the positive, healthy atmosphere you’ve always deserved. Whether you make your own or purchase a CBD candle, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the effortless appeal these infused candles bring.

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