CBD Oil 20 Percent

Discover the oil with 20% CBD made in Italy guaranteed 100% natural and pesticide free from the brand Nerobi. CBD oil 20% offered by Weedy.fr is one of the purest and most powerful on the market. Discover it legally on our store. CBD oil with 20% CBD content ⭐ Valuable CBD oil ✅ Swiss Made ✅ 100% organic ✅ Free shipping ✅ Order now!

CBD Oil 20% Full Spectrum Nerobi – 10ml

Produced from a legal and organic hemp crop, this CBD Oil The 20% Full Spectrum from the French company Nerobi is ideal for experienced consumers. If you are looking for a potent CBD oil to benefit from the multiple virtues of therapeutic hemp This 20% CBD version is probably the one that will suit you the most. Formulated with care and precision by a team of experts, this CBD oil has been specially designed to offer you optimal relaxing effects, thanks to a perfectly balanced ratio of CBD, CBG and CBN.

Made by a French brand, this oil contains only natural products, without added chemicals. Discreet and easy to carryThis small bottle of CBD oil 20% Full Spectrum from Nerobi will accompany you throughout the day to ease your physical pain and reduce your stress level. Completely free of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), this CBD oil does not provide any psychoactive effect, nor harmful to your health. By choosing this natural CBD oil, only the relaxing, soothing and pain-relieving effects of medical cannabis will be revealed to you.

Benefits of CBD oil 20% Full Spectrum

With its 20% CBD contentwe can say that this CBD Full Spectrum oil is rather intended for savvy consumers who are familiar with the CBD molecule. Although there is no risk of overdosing, it is totally unnecessary to start with the strongest version if you have never consumed CBD before. This would prevent you from enjoying the true potential of CBD. On the other hand, If you suffer from chronic pain, frequent anxiety attacks or stress is part of your daily life, you can turn to this powerful CBD oil that will effectively soothe these ailments.

With this 20% CBD version, the relaxing and pain-relieving effects arrive quickly and are long lasting. If you consume it rather at the end of the day, you can enjoy its relaxing effects before sleeping and thus, benefit from a deep and restful sleep.

The dosage of CBD Oil Full Spectrum Nerobi

This 10 ml bottle of CBD Oil Full Spectrum contains 200 drops of 10 mg of CBD each. To find the ideal dosage, you should primarily base it on how you feel, your experience with CBD, and the intensity of your pain. For example, the majority of consumers usually take between 50 mg and 250 mg of CBD per day, a figure that varies greatly from person to person. In any case, it is recommended to start with a small dose to be increased gradually. If you have any doubts, ask your doctor for advice to find the right dosage.

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CBD oil made in France guaranteed 100% natural and pesticide free.

Discover our range of high-end CBD oil NEROBI from European hemp farming.

After several years of research and development, NEROBI oil arrives to satisfy you. The formulation without THC and full spectrum cbd allows you to enjoy all the benefits of the plant legally and without bitterness.

All NEROBI products are developed with the utmost care by a team of experts in the hemp industry.

The formulation is studied and optimized to obtain the best ratio of CBD, CBG, CBN and terpene for an optimal effect.

CBD Oil 20% – With Hemp Oil

THECBD oil (hemp oil) 20% Full Spectrum offered by Weedy.fr is a organic natural vegetable oil extracted from seedlings of swiss industrial hemp. With its 20% cannabidiol (CBD), she is one of the purest and most powerful on the market. Exceptional quality to match easy-to-use products. Most ? A fast and discreet delivery, in all legality.

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20% Full Spectrum CBD Oil: as powerful as it is pure

Our CBD oils consist of a CBD mix 99% pure extracted from cannabis plants (stems and seeds) and a vegetable oil base. This CBD oil (hemp oil) 20% offered by Weedy.fr stands out, with its high cannabidiol content, as one of the most intense available. Beyond its power, the emphasis is on quality of finished product, guaranteed GMO and heavy metals free. CBD oil 20% Weedy.fr is in fact extracted from organic industrial hemp, the varieties of which are carefully selected. They are then cultivated in Switzerland according to the specifications of theorganic farming, for the respect of nature and the health of our customers.

A 20% CBD oil means that, for 10ml of CBD oil, 2ml is pure CBD (99%). Thanks to its full spectrum, it also contains terpenes and other cannabinoids like the CBG. This reinforces its effects, thanks to a more complete action on the organism. It is important to consider this concentration for the dosage of CBD oil, just like the weight of its user. Particularly rich in cannabidiol, it must be used with full knowledge of the facts by a responsible adult.

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The vegetable nature of 20% CBD oil makes it photosensitive, so it’s better to keep away from light. It is also sensitive to heat. So remember to keep your CBD oil 20% in a dry and cool place. You will thus be able to enjoy for a long time its soothing effects.

Legal and controlled CBD oils

Weedy.fr always provides the latest analysis results available products offered for sale. We put quality at the forefront and communicate transparently with our customers. By respecting the legal concentrations of THC in our CBD oil 20%, we assure you the purchase of a product without hovering effect, which is obviously not addicting.

Our CBD oils are thus perfectly respectful of European law. The finished product indeed offers all the advantages associated with the consumption of light cannabis, while getting rid of certain disadvantages attributed to the plant in its wild state.

Through cannabinoid levels under control, so we can deliver to your home in France, Belgium or Luxembourg legally. Our average delivery times are only 24 to 72 hours ! No need to worry about the progress of your order: our products are packaged in an appropriate way then packaged in neutral envelope. No logo, no name appears. Ditto for your bank account. Although all of our products are legal, it is normal to keep the anonymity of our customers with their entourage.

CBD Oil 20 Percent

The Full Spectrum Oil 20% includes the full spectrum of natural cannabinoids and terpenes. The CBD content is 20%. The hemp plants from which the hemp extract for the oil is made come from certified organic cultivation in the Swiss Alps. Besides cannabidiol, the oil contains all the natural components of the hemp plant, such as terpenes, other cannabinoids and flavonoids. High-quality organic sunflower oil, which is particularly mild in taste, is used as the carrier oil. The sunflowers are grown in the neighbouring fields.

All information at a glance:

  • » THC content: » 1 drop contains approx. 10mg CBD
  • » Vegan
  • » Content: 10ml
  • » 100% organic cultivation according to Bio-Suisse guidelines
  • » Hemp plants from the Swiss Alps
  • » Hand-picked & GMO-free
  • » Quality: double laboratory tested


Currently, there are no uniform standards regarding the dosage of CBD oils. Since every body is individual, it is advisable to start with a small amount and increase as needed. In the beginning, 1 – 2 drops of the full-spectrum oil with 20 percent CBD can be drizzled under the tongue.

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Organic Sunflower Seed Oil

Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

ALPINOLS Original 20% Full Spectrum Oil
Form Oil in glass bottle with pipette
Hemp extract Cannabis Sativa Leaf Extract
Carrier oil Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil
Cannabinoids e.g. CBD, CBG, CBN
THC content below 0.2%
Number of drops approx. 200 in 10 ml
Total CBD 2000 mg
CBD in % 20
CBD content per drop 10 mg
Flavour mild hemp flavour
Colour Amber, golden yellow

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

With a full spectrum oil, we define a full spectrum oil that contains other cannabinoids and terpenes besides CBD. Our Full Spectrum CBD Oil 15 percent contains only a small amount of THC after extraction, which is below the legally prescribed 0.2%. Thus, the oil has no intoxicating effect.

With the help of gentle CO2 extraction, it is possible to preserve all the valuable ingredients of the hemp plant and thus produce a hemp extract with a natural cannabinoid and terpene profile. This synergy gives the extract an increased potency.

Quality by ALPINOLS

Largest Bio Suisse certified cultivation with over 200,000 sqm

Gentle and traditional harvesting by hand

100 % natural ingredients

With all CBD products, we rely on the power of the hemp plant to support well-being in the best possible way. The quality unfolds in every drop. The Bio Suisse certified fields on which we grow our hemp plants have been cultivated organically by our farmers for over 25 years. This means that the soil does not contain any residues of pesticides, so that the hemp plant can only draw valuable nutrients from the earth.

From cultivation, to the hand-picked harvest, to the sale of the products, everything is done under one roof. In this way, we can guarantee continuous quality for years to come.

More than 15 years ago, we specialised in the cultivation of hemp and harvest every leaf by hand. We do not use any chemical fertilisers or pesticides. Our CBD products consist of 100% natural ingredients and are free from genetic engineering.

At ALPINOLS, we also make no compromises when it comes to quality assurance. In addition to our in-house laboratory, all our products are sent to an independent laboratory for analysis.