2000mg CBD Oil Benefits

There are many benefits of 2,000mg CBD tinctures, when used properly. Try our products and get free shipping with a money back guarantee! If you’re about to start your journey with CBD, this guide should help you with finding the correct CBD oil dosage for your needs. CBD Oil is increasingly popular, especially within the wellness industry. But what actually is CBD? Good Hemp tells you everything you need to know!

Benefits of 2,000mg CBD Oil Tinctures

TLDR: 2,000MG CBD drops, or tinctures, are a high-strength CBD oil product that can help offer relief from things like inflammation, anxiety, joint pain, and many other symptoms. Furthermore, buying higher strength CBD oil products cuts on the overall cost if you use half the serving size.

The benefits of 2,000mg CBD oil tinctures by New Phase Blends represent some of the most potent full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD oil currently on the market. Is this what you truly need, though? Maybe you do, but let’s go over some things before you make that decision.

CBD oil drops that come in 2,000mg strength can end up being a great deal for most people, even if you don’t take the whole serving at once.

We make our 2,000mg CBD oil tinctures specially for the benefit of those who require fast, safe, and definite pain relief from. While some people might end up needing pain medication, regardless, it never hurts to at least take a natural route.

These CBD oil drops are also great for other things like anxiety or excess stress.

In this article, we’ll look at an overview of why people use CBD oil drops. The 2,000mg CBD oil tincture is definitely a high-strength product and not for everyone!

Keep in mind, the 2,000mg CBD oil drops contain a total CBD content of 2,000mg. Each serving is 1mL in size, and has roughly 66mg of premium, CBD-rich hemp extract.

Let’s get started!

What is Considered High-Strength CBD Oil?

A vast majority of hemp oil tinctures come in 1,000 mg strengths. This equals about 33mg of CBD per 1mL serving, which is quite common.

As you start to go over this 33mg serving, you slowly approach the world of high-strength CBD.

I would consider around a 50mg CBD serving as high-strength. You will likely run into 2,000mg CBD oil products. In a 30mL tincture form, this equals roughly 66mg of CBD per serving. That is definitely some of the strongest CBD servings available, if you’re asking me.

This serving size may work great for you. It also may be too much. We will cover this below. While there are benefits of 2,000mg CBD drops, they do come with a price (unfortunately!).

Ingredients of a Strong 2000mg CBD Tincture

If you’re in the market for a high-strength CBD tincture, you are probably already aware of the many health benefits of broad and full-spectrum cannabidiol, or CBD. You may notice that many companies use MCT oil (a form of coconut oil) as a carrier, but what is this type of oil, and why should I care?

Pictured above: ‘pure’ by New Phase Blends comes in 1,000mg and 2,000mg strengths. Wholesale customers can order up to 12,000mg tinctures!

Olive oil, vegetable oil, MCT oil…they are all basically the same right?

The MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides , and at their most basic form, triglycerides are essentially fats. More specifically, triglycerides are saturated fatty acids that optimize the way cannabidiol is absorbed in the gut and into the bloodstream. There are also a lot of benefits to using quality, organic oils like this. Take a look at some of these benefits:

  • Your body quickly absorbs and uses this type of oil. This means that it serves as a readily available form of energy, and your brain thrives off of MCT oil use.
  • Did you know that research shows that weight and fat loss are improved when using medium chain triglycerides? Indirectly, this may help decrease the risk of heart disease.
  • If you are among those who use fats as an energy source (ie: keto diet, low carb diet, carnivore diet), MCT can actually help prevent lactic acid buildup.

At New Phase Blends, we use an organic carrier oil for cannabidiol to optimize the quality of our hemp oil (a.k.a. CBD oil).

This type of oil is not cheap, but its a very healthy oil that our bodies can benefit from using. Our 2,000mg CBD oil tincture, and other tincture products, use this carrier oil. What’s a carrier oil, you ask?

Carrier Oils for Maximum Strength CBD

A carrier oil is just extra oil that is added to the CBD-rich hemp extract when making 2,000mg CBD drops, or other CBD products. The hemp extract is in an oil concentrate form, so adding oil to it can dilute the concentrate until it becomes 1) tolerable for taste and 2) at a strength that you want the product to be.

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The carrier oil “carries” the oil into your system.

  • It ensures that a higher concentration of cannabidiol eventually enters the bloodstream after digestion.
  • When medium chain triglycerides are used as a carrier for CBD, cannabidiol enters the bloodstream faster, resulting in faster relief from pain and inflammation.
  • This oil is widely used by professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts, thanks to the body being able to quickly metabolize medium-chain triglycerides into energy. Google the “bullet proof coffee” and see why fitness enthusiasts love it. It’s quite interesting.

So, there you have it. That’s carrier oils explained in a nut shell.

Potential Benefits of 2,000mg CBD Drops

At New Phase Blends, we produce full and broad-spectrum CBD oil in strengths of 500mg, 1,000mg, and 2,000mg. While there are benefits of 2,000mg CBD drops, the lower strengths also can offer the same benefit at a fraction of the price.

Our wholesale CBD account holders have access to even higher strengths, but our e-commerce store stops at 2,000mg of premium CBD oil tinctures. The strength of CBD oil that is right for you will depend on your previous experience with CBD, and what kind of therapeutic outcome you are hoping for.

Most people who are hoping to relieve symptoms of minor anxiety or day-to-day pain will be perfectly happy by a 500mg or 1,000mg CBD tincture.

CBD Oil Dosages Explained – How Much CBD to Take

Being busy is almost a given these days. If you’ve recently joined the cool kids and gotten your hands on Pure CBD oil to help destress, you might be wondering about how much you should be taking. Research suggests that the average CBD dosage is 20 – 40 mg per dose, but that doesn’t make it right for you!

As the reasons for why people take CBD vary, some take a bit less, others a bit more per serving. At Good Hemp, our recommendation is that no matter what you end up doing, you don’t exceed a maximum daily intake of more than 70 mg.

Good Hemp Pure CBD Oil

250mg Peppermint CBD Oil

250mg Citrus CBD Oil

250mg Natural CBD Oil

Natural 1000mg CBD Oil

Natural 2000mg CBD Oil

This number gets our (and the Food Standards Agency’s) seal of approval in relation to potential drug-to-drug interaction in the body, reducing the possibility for any unwanted drug interaction to virtually nothing. This means that daily CBD doses below 70mg are unlikely to interfere with any other medication you might be taking.

To be extra safe, our recommendation is that you aim to take anywhere between 18 and 60 mg per day, based on the symptoms you’re trying to alleviate. From curbing workplace anxiety and stress to helping you get a better night’s rest, this guide will suggest the doses that might yield good results for you.

Cornish surf icon @philly.stokes is a big fan of our pure CBD oil, and ran a competition with us in February.

Finding Your Ideal CBD Dose

Many young working people use CBD to relax, while also benefiting from the additional benefits related to sleep problems, overstimulation and more. The challenge with finding your ideal CBD dose within the recommended range is that individual body chemistry can affect how your system responds to CBD. Factors like body size, weight and overall tolerance can play a role in how it interacts with you.

CBD Dosage for Pain and Inflammation

CBD is a champion when it comes to reducing pain symptoms, especially with back problems and other sports-related injuries. CBD won’t cure the reason the pain exists, but will help with managing the symptoms. When using it for general pain and inflammation, there is no “one size fits all” recommended dose per person (sorry). As our bodies respond differently based on our own set of genetic circumstances, it’s up to you to experiment to find your own workable dose.

CBD Oil Dosage for Anxiety

Anxiety has long been an epidemic in the UK. Stress is a trigger for anxiety, which can have a direct negative impact on your quality of life. CBD oil helps treat anxiety in a natural way. You don’t have to turn to potentially addictive opioids when you choose CBD to deal with your symptoms instead.

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While large-scale studies are pending, a 2011 study showed signs of promise for the use of CBD with social anxiety disorder. The study involved a larger-than-average dose, but even so, our recommendation is to stick to no more than 70 mg per day to stay safe.

CBD Oil Dosage for Sleep

A great night’s sleep is one of the most important contributors to good mental health. Over 1.5 million people in the UK suffer from a sleep disorder, often brought on by stress or chronic pain. CBD oil is not meant to be a sedative, but it will help with alleviating anxiety and pain symptoms, which, in turn, promotes a healthier sleep pattern.

A non-human study from 2013 showed that CBD helped with increasing total sleep time and REM, albeit that the animals were given very high doses. Stick to no more than 70 mg per day to reap the benefits more safely and remember to take the CBD oil at least 30 minutes before you head off to bed.

CBD Dosage for Migraines

Migraines can be very debilitating. In the same way it helps to relieve the symptoms of pain and inflammation, CBD may be able to help when the nastiest of headaches strikes and ruins a perfectly productive day.

At the moment, there is no scientific evidence to prove that CBD helps with migraines in particular. Most studies focus on the general effects, so more specific research is needed. As CBD affects the receptors in the brain that are responsible for pain and inflammation management, it’s likely it can help with headaches. Try taking the daily recommended dose of between 18 – 60mg when a migraine hits, and see how your body responds.

CBD Oil Dosage for Depression

CBD oil is showing positive signs as a tool to help combat the effects of depression. We need to get a little technical here to explain why. CBD acts on the 5-HT receptor, which is responsible for serotonin production. Serotonin is a chemical that binds to receptors in the brain. It helps to improve mood and lowers stress levels. CBD also stops the breakdown of anandamide, a chemical messenger affecting good sleep, appetite, memory and more.

There is no magic dosage of CBD oil to take that will cure depression. It can only help with symptom management as far as we know at this stage. If you’re prone to depression, our recommendation is to try taking anywhere from 40 to 70 mg per day. Consume a set dose in the morning when you wake up, and then again in the evening. Increase consumption by 10 mg each week, until you notice the desired effects.

CBD for Acne

Acne is a real self esteem killer. While it won’t be able to treat the condition altogether, CBD can reduce the excess oil produced from sebaceous glands in the skin. This prevents the follicles from becoming more clogged and helps to limit dead skin buildup as well.

Please don’t apply CBD directly to the affected area at first. While it has anti-inflammatory properties, it may aggravate already clogged pores. Start by taking 20 mg per day under the tongue, until you start to see the skin clearing. Then, begin to use a topical solution with CBD directly on the skin, while you’re still ingesting the same amount orally. Fingers crossed you’ll see some great results in the mirror!

Why Choose Good Hemp Pure CBD Oil

Whether for pain and inflammation management, anxiety, depression or something else, you now know all about the different ways that CBD can improve your life. All you need now is a reliable supplier to go on the journey with you.

As our name suggests, Good Hemp’s CBD oil is the product of over 20 years of love and care for hemp. Our range of CBD oils are perfect for the ambitious and hardworking person like yourself. All the oils are 100% natural, CBD isolate (i.e. pure CBD, without any THC). Each bottle is lab tested and FSA approved. Better yet, you can choose from three different flavours each time you top up your stash.

Our Recommended Dose per Product

If you’re thinking about using Good Hemp Pure CBD oil as you embark on your journey, you might want to know a bit more about each product, serving sizes and the recommended doses per item. This will definitely help when you’re planning on exactly how much CBD you will be taking each day

Product Serving size Recommended dose Price
250mg Citrus CBD Oil 5 drops = 6mg 6mg, 3 times a day £15.00
250mg Peppermint CBD Oil 5 drops = 6mg 6mg, 3 times a day £15.00
250mg Natural CBD Oil 5 drops = 6mg 6mg, 3 times a day £15.00
1,000mg Natural CBD Oil 3 drops = 15mg 15mg, 3 times a day £40.00
2,000mg Natural CBD Oil 2 drops = 20mg 20mg, 3 times a day £75.00
*Do not exceed 70mg per day
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Starting Your CBD Oil Journey

By using Good Hemp’s Pure CBD oils, you’re not only supporting a business that is wholeheartedly passionate about what they do, but also one that puts sustainability at the forefront.

At a time when the planet needs all the help it can get (can we get an amen?!), buying from a supplier that only uses carbon-negative hemp crops can be an easy way to make a big difference in the long run.

Having ticked the social responsibility box for today, it’s time to focus your energy on the first few days with CBD in your life. With so many different ways to take CBD, you’ll find your sweet spot dose in no time at all.

What is CBD Oil and why should I try it?

In simple terms, CBD oil or cannibidoil is a chemical compound extracted from the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant which helps your body to restore its natural balance. It works with the endocannabinoid system to activate receptors in the brain which control things like mood and temperature.

Interested in CBD Oil? Check out our natural, lab tested and THC-free pure CBD oil d rops.

Natural 2000mg CBD Oil

Natural 1000mg CBD Oil

250mg Natural CBD Oil

250mg Citrus CBD Oil

250mg Peppermint CBD Oil

We’ve been in the hemp game a long time. Over 20 years in fact, ever since our founders Henry and Glyn learned about the nutritional value of hemp seeds and started making oils and milk from it. So the word CBD isn’t new to us, but it might be for you. There’s been a lot of talk about it recently: in January that pretty reputable paper, otherwise known as the New York Times, said CBD was one of the 11 ways to be a better person in 2019, and every day there are more and more personal testimonials detailing their experiences using CBD for everything from anxiety and fatigue to eczema and inflammation. There are CBD drinks, CBD tampons and even CBD meatballs on the market (we think that’s going a bit overboard).

What is CBD oil used for?

Science has become increasingly interested in just how effective CBD oil can be at treating a range of different conditions, and recent studies have shown it to have a positive impact on all manner of ailments. This spans anti-inflammation, repairing muscles, treating skin conditions and much more. CBD oil has also been shown to give those who have trouble sleeping a little extra help in getting their 40 winks.

Here’s how @hijessiemay uses our citrus-flavoured CBD oil to ease anxious thoughts and have a better night’s rest.

Why are the uses for CBD so varied?

It’s thought that CBD works within your endocannabinoid system to help your body achieve homeostasis (aka balance) which means it could work in a number of different ways in different individuals. Cannabinoids and their receptors are already present in our bodies, but CBD acts something of a warning sign to let our internal cannabinoids know it’s time to address any imbalances in the system.

How do you take CBD Oil?

Yes, we think CBD meatballs are a bit of a stretch too. But you really can take it in a lot of different ways. A few droplets of CBD oil under the tongue is one of the most effective ways to take CBD, holding it there for 30 seconds and allowing it to absorb. You can also take it in your morning coffee – it’s been said to give you an extra boost of energy but kill the unnatural buzz (sounds ideal right?) or in a soothing tea at night to aid sleep. We wrote a whole blog post about the different ways you can take CBD Oil.

Why do people keep talking about CBD alongside THC?

THC is another cannabinoid found in the marijuana plant, and to put it quite simply, it’s the part of the plant that gets you high, thanks to its psychoactive properties. Although some CBD oil does contain traces of THC, and it has been shown to be pretty effective as an epilepsy treatment, the majority of CBD oil in the UK will be pure CBD oil, without the psychoactive compound.

@nina_drenalina prefers our 1,000 mg CBD oil over THC-rich marihuana. Here, she explains why.